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  1. James Winston on

    Dobbys got this. Smeagol would give him a run for his money if he had the ring but with out it the Dobbster would force feed him his own loincloth.

  2. Smeagol gets my vote. The reason is simple. Gollum kicks ass. Dobby does not. In the words of Gollum himself “Dobby’s a fag”. Dobby may have a bit of magic, but while he’s deliberating over whether or not to use it, and going on about how Harry Potter is his friend, Gollum would bite, scratch and claw until Dobby was no more.

  3. Dobby is sly, just look at how he deals with the Wizards in book 7 specifically. His magic in many ways is more powerful than most wizards as well, with the ability to ignore many of teir spells.
    The only thing keeping the elves as slaves is their own feeling of self worth rather, a self imposed spell rather than slave master and a feeling of loyalty to their family/ master.

  4. Justin Wawrzonek on

    I’d go with Dobby. Smeagol is just a malformed Hobbit type person with a split personality. Dobby can use magic.

  5. I’ll go with Dobby. For one thing, in a straight up fight Smeagol would just give up and beg for mercy. The only way he’d have a chance would be to sneak up on Dobby in the dark and try to strangle him. And even at that he’s probably fail.

  6. Alexander D. on

    My vote goes to Dobby. While Gollum has shown the ability to scale walls and a twisted personality that could lull Dobby into a false sense of security, as soon as Gollum goes to choke the house elf he would just as soon disappear, then reappear to fling Gollum around the room as a rag doll. The magic aspect of Dobby clearly decides the battle.

  7. Just to ruin all ya’lls brains, there’s probably people out there shipping these two as a couple. Like Dollum or Gobby.

  8. I’ve got to go with Gollum due to the split personality. Dobby never came across as particularly violent, while; SPOILERS for 50+ year book, Gollum bites the ring off Frodo with the finger attached. Dobby would see Smeagol and see another House Elf. Gollum would then treat Dobby to some birthday friendliness.

    • Dobby has put fear into Malfoy as well as other for trying to mess with his friend Harry Potter. Don’t fuck with an elf.

  9. Ryan 'Halite' King on

    1v1 Direct Matchup, Gollum cowers and asks for forgiveness, something Dobby is sure to give him because of his own history of being redeemed

    Then Gollum sneaks in at night and strangles Dobby in his sleep. Easy.

  10. I’m going with Dobby because even with the ring, Smeagol’s access to magic is limited. Also, Dobby has proven he can fight outright where Smeagol usually tried resorting to trickery. The fight would be long with Smeagol squirming away and hiding, but in the end Dobby would be triumphant.

  11. Which is going the make the largest dent if rammed into a brick wall? The shadow or the substance? Gollum is the original upon which Dobby was based, just as Tolkien’s work is the foundation of all other works to fantasy to follow! Comparing the two is like comparing a bucket of KFC to a bucket of chicken soup made by holding a chicken so it’s shadow falls on a pot of boiling water. Dobby is simply an immoral, sneaky little b@$tard. Gollum was a murderer before he every got his hands on the One Ring, and he spent over 500 years perfecting the art. Dobby wouldn’t stand a chance.

    • I disagree with the copy statement. Dobby as an elf is a throwback to the older mythology of elves being workers (Shoemaker and the Elves) and not the fancy pants D&D Elf we see like Orem, Trell or Legolas.
      Dobby is also not sneaky, but often does as what is suggested by others their way if he sees that it will help out Harry Potter or his friends. Dobby as an elf though written later predates Gollum by centuries and therefore the basis is the original.

  12. While Dobby might seem to have an advantage with magic, Smeagol is a much more scrappy fighter. When Dobby tries to do some silly magic trick Smeagol will be biting ears, gouging eyes, and kicking between the legs. Add to that the fact that he can take beatings worse than Ali took from Foreman and still stay on his feet and possessing more drive than the Energizer Bunny on crack and you’ve got a natural champ.

  13. Smeagol withstood torture of the Mordor. He has been driven insane and developed multiple personality disorders and who knows what other psychotic states he lives in. He can take magic and mundane punishment and has the will to wait and strike when the time is right. Dobby does have magic, admittedly beyond my knowledge, I don’t think he has what it takes to survive and I believe Smeagol/ more importantly Gollum does do not be so fast to discount a psycho who will go to any length to live. I mean it worked for Deadpool! (lol)

  14. It comes down to a question of will. Smeagol is a homicidal maniac, and Dobby is just a guy. Even if Dobby has Smeagol on the ropes, he will stop short of killing him, and Smeagol will seize the opening.

  15. i am not a huge fan of Dobby, frankly i hate how house elves look in the potter movies, but Dobby can just snap his fingers and send people flying. not only can he use magic but i think he can outsmart smeagal if he did infact have the ring.

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