July 30, 2012, Eagle Mountain, UT and Hays, KS – Frogpants, LLC and Major Spoilers are proud to announce that the popular real play podcast, Munchkin Land is now a part of the Frogpants Podcast Network!

“I am really stoked to see Munchkin Land join the Frogpants family. It’s such a great match for the kinds of fans and listeners that enjoy what Frogpants does, and Munchkin Land was just such a no brainer. People love this game!  If there was ever a card game that needed a great companion podcast, this is it.  Stephen and crew hit all the right spots, as expected.” – Scott Johnson

“Having Munchkin Land on the Frogpants Podcast Network is somewhat appropriate,” said Major Spoilers Executive Producer, Stephen Schleicher. “During Nerdtacular 2012, I sat down and played the game for the first time, and was so taken with it, that when a fan attending the event asked what our next project would be, a Munchkin podcast seemed like the perfect choice.”

In each installment, the hosts of Munchkin Land pick up an edition of the game, talk about cheats, their favorite cards and combos, and then play a round (often with hilarious results) to give listeners a fun and engaging look at the game from Steve Jackson Games.

“What really surprises me,” said Schleicher, “is that Munchkin has been around for over a decade, and there aren’t any shows to promote and share the joy that is stabbing your friends in the back as they try to reach level ten.”

Here is what others are saying about Munchkin Land:

  • “As an avid fan of Munchkin, this podcast is great, and really captures the essence of a few friends sitting around playing a game!”
  • “This is a great podcast, even if you don’t know what Munchkin is!”
  • “Listened to the first episode, and immediately bought the game to play with my friends!”

“Right now we are planning on a monthly release schedule, but don’t be surprised if the success of the show doesn’t equate to more surprises in the near future for fans of the show,” said Schleicher.

“Frogpants fans already love their work with Critical Hit, and this just ads to that love.  Munchkin Land is a godsend to anyone looking for laughs, solid info, and the high level of ‘Nerd” we expect on Frogpants affiliated shows.” – Scott Johnson

Frogpants LLC was founded officially by Scott Johnson in 2007. Really, this stuff has been happening since 1999. Long story.

Major Spoilers was started in 2006, and is dedicated to bring news, reviews, and information about the comic book and pop culture industries to fans around the world.


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  1. Nice! I just subscribed via iTunes. The only problem is, I’m still not caught up on either the Major Spoilers Podcast or Critical Hit! At least I managed to get up to date on Top 5, and now am wickedly craving a cookie…

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