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  1. This was a tough poll for me. I was torn between Superheroes and Web Comics. I ended up going with Web Comics because I have 20+ webcomics I check each day (some in the morning before work, some at night when they update). When it comes to other comics, I tend towards Superhero comics with additional interest in I guess I’d say Fantasy.

  2. I voted for Fantasy, but it is a very close race between Fantasy and Superhero, with Web Comics pulling a distant third. Also personally it is very rare if I find a Western or Religious comic I like.

  3. I read a lot. I’ll read and enjoy the heck out of just about any genre if I like the story and the writing. But one genre I will keep track of and borrow and read even when I don’t buy, and that is superhero. And it’s not just the big two, I just groove on the superhero thing. My favorite episode of Yo Gabba Gabba is the Super Mr. Superhero one.

  4. I chose manga, because, when I had access to a comic book store, I bought more manga than anything else. After reading superhero comics for forty years I was just sick of the genre, and manga offers a wider variety of themes, the stories usually have a definite beginning, middle and end, and the characters grow and change through the course of the stories. Although I’m not particularly fond of giant robots or naught tentacles, there are plenty of other choices out there. Those of you who have kids have GOT to read Yotsuba& and Bunny Drop.

  5. I chose Web Comics. That’s how I started reading comics five years ago and they are the only type I continually read. I’ve only read a few other types. My second choice would be “Fables” type stories, which I guess would be Fantasy. I also enjoy “Batgirl”, but more because of her personality and less because she is a superhero.

  6. I voted SuperHeroes. The overwhelming majority of my books involve capes and/or super-powers. But that said, Atomic Robo and Locke & Key don’t quite fall in to that category, and they are two of my favorite books.

  7. I voted other because I didn’t see comedy listed as a genre. This can apply to a broad range of comics so I can understand why. The Tick, Atomic Robo, Deadpool, Ghostbusters, are all near the top for me because they make me laugh but they vary from super hero to sci – fi to horror.

  8. How is Superheroes a genre? Batman is sometimes crime/horror/comedy/drama/fantasy… The fact it a choice really make the poll kinda useless.

    It’s like asking: “Which do you like more? Superman, Batman or comic books in general?”

    I vote all of the above, depending on who writes the story and the story itself I may well love something that I would normally “hate”.

  9. I have one problem with this poll, and that is the category of webcomics.
    Webcomics are a medium, not a genre.
    PVP and Meaty Yogurt are both webcomics, in that their distribution method is primarily the web. However PVP is comedic, mostly gag-a-day while Meaty Yogurt is a dramatic strip.

  10. I chose other. While I do love Superheroes, I actually prefer the merge of Superhero, Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Series like Green Lantern and Guardians of the Galaxy where it has the capacity to be within the realm of all three of those choices at once are where I’m most likely to get my comics fix. I also like all three choices independently, so I couldn’t choose just one.

  11. Raistlin Majere on

    I enjoy Superhero/”alternative” but am torn between Sci-fi/Fantasy and can’t choose one favorite.

  12. Webcomics and manga are not genres. “Superhero” has definitely become its own genre over the last 70 years, but Webcomics and manga describe the “physical” (for lack of an appropriate word) comic rather than the story content.

  13. As Matthew never tires to point out, “comic book” is a specific format (i.e. pamphlet). I can’t see how webcomics and most manga fit in.

  14. Horror comics need to make a comeback. I mean, really, there are way too many superhero comics! Not enough horror comics!

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