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Benjamin Glibert, former Director of Publishing for Semantink Publishing, has started his own publishing company – KEYLEAF COMICS – which will focus solely on the creation, production, distribution (print and digital), and marketing of comic books and original graphic novels. To start, Benjamin Glibert has purchased the rights to the back catalogue and future development of all Semantink Publishing intellectual properties, including: MYTHOI, Sim-I, DUST, The Heaven’s, Drace Grey, The Undergrounds, and more yet to be announced.

“This is an exciting time for everyone involved,” says Glibert, “My time with SanBox (Semantink Publishing’s parent company) was invaluable and showed me what a publisher needs to do for creators, retailers and, most importantly, the fans. I’m excited to take these books to the next level.”

Keyleaf Comics is based in San Diego, CA and is under the exclusive ownership of Benjamin Glibert. All intellectual properties are the exclusive property of their creators, licensed by Keyleaf Comics. For more information on this release, Keyleaf Comics, or the creators of the titles listed above, please contact Benjamin Glibert at, (619) 206- 3563, and visit


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