John Stewart killed a fellow Lantern to save Oa and the Corps. These actions may have repercussions. Take the jump for a Major Spoilers look at Green Lantern Corps #10.

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artist: Fernando Pasarin
Inker: Scott Hanna
Colorist: Gabe Eltaeb
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Cover Artist: Pasarin, Hanna, & Eltaeb
Editors: Brian Cunningham and Matt Idelson
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $2.99

Previously in Green Lantern Corps:While being held prisoner by enemies of Oa, John Stewart prevented a fellow Lantern from giving away all the secrets by killing him. Now, after not reporting this, the Alpha Lanterns have found out and have sentenced him to death.


The Alpha Lanterns have sentenced John Stewart to death with no chance of appeal. No one is happy about this, even the Guardians, and because of this we are starting to see a lot of schism amongst the Corps; Greens, Alphas, and Guardians. The overtone of this book is one of betrayal and distrust; it practically seeps through the pages. This is foremost in the way Guy and John interact, as John is accepting of his fate and ready to face the execution head held high, while Guy is not ready to let the Alphas have their way, going so far as to break John out.

John has the strongest characterization in the book, being accepting of his fate while very openly disagreeing with the verdict. His final request is to apologize to the family of the Lantern he killed, and not for killing him but for lying about how he died to his parents. John is stoic, stern, and convicted earning a respect from both the Alphas and the leaders he very much reserves. Of course this doesn’t stop the other Greens from rallying behind him and busting him out, despite John’s protesting, though this course of action may not be the best plan.


I don’t think Pasarin likes noses. A majority of the aliens we get have little to no nose. That isn’t to say that any of them look bad, it was just the biggest trend that struck me. On top of that none of the faces with noses look bad either, in fact the book as a whole looks great, there was just a lot of mostly noseless faces. My favorite part with Pasarin’s work here though is Isamot’s stubby arms. He lost them recently and they are still regrowing, which looks cool.

BOTTOM LINE: Intriguing

Green Lantern Corps #10 is more about the derision of the Corps and the potential for further issues than anything else, which works quite well. On top of John’s great moments we are given decent work with other Lanterns and a non-Lantern almost being selected. With a calm demeanor and muted tone Green Lantern Corps #10 shines with 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Rating: ★★★½☆


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  1. This seems to be a recurring theme for John all through the years, or at least in the past 15: John does something “bad” for good reasons (or while trying to do something good), then is the one willing to take the punishment for it while others disagree. It happened when Fatality was attacking because she blamed him for the destruction of her world, and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the only time.

    I’m not complaining, though, I’m actually happy that there seems to be some form of consistency.

    • There was one story where John and Martian Manhunter were paired off to fix a problem and John when running off ahead because he was overconfident and it turned out the big nasty bomb was yellow. Apprently letting a world die wasn’t enough to have his ring taken away though.

    • Except Sinestro did have his ring taken away from him for a very, very long time (at least by real world time passing). He did get another ring from the Qwardians (which was retconned to be a fear powered ring instead of originally feeding off GL rings and other sources), and it was only rather recently that his GL ring was returned. While John did spend some time without a ring (for a while as a Darkstar after the destruction of the GL Corps, then spent paralyzed and simply living as an architect and mentor to Kyle Rayner), he wasn’t exactly kicked out of the Corps like Sinestro was and was even one of the first members of the reformed GL Corps.

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