The Avengers took the box office by storm over the last couple of weeks, rising quickly to the billion dollar mark.  The Dark Knight also made a billion dollars when it was released, but with The Dark Knight Rises still a few weeks away, and near the end of the summer schedule, will it be able to make that much money again?


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  1. I think one of the main reason the Dark Knight did so well was because of Heath Ledger’s amazing portrayal of the Joker coupled with the actor’s unfortunate passing.
    I don’t know if this cast will have the same overwhelming effect.

  2. Yes, because the only reason the Avengers was any good in the 1st place was because Batman is awesome!

  3. As much as I am a Batman fan for many decades…
    And Spiderman too…
    The Avengers will keep the title, because there were so many heroes that focusing on just one awesome character is not going to break the recipe!
    I hope they both do very well.
    Hopefully NOT against each other on the BIG screen.
    (Now, if they were to make a movie as a team…
    that may be different!)
    Will there ever be the “Superman vs Batman” movie… or JLA?
    We shall see.

  4. After Dark Knight, I am willing to be that most people will not think that this movie can be as powerful and automatically wait for the DVD (those bloody bandwagon jumpes).
    Others may be in the hospital during the run due to an injury waiting in line. (PEN TO THE EYE!!!)
    Lastly, I don’t think summer movies are what they once were. Not looking at pure numbers I could be wrong, but they do not seem to be as big as years gone by as a whole.

  5. DKR will cross the billion mark, but I don’t think it will do it as quickly as Dark Knight or Avengers did. It depends on the mood of the Summer. Avengers started the season off on a fun note, and the audiences may not be as eager for the serious tone of the Batman movie, no matter how good it is.

  6. Antonio Sanciolo on

    I agree with Cat Halo… DKR will get there but it will be a slow burn. Avengers came out in a relatively blockbuster-starved release schedule with something for everyone. Dark Knight Rises however definitely has less of an all-round family appeal whilst being released amidst some competition.

  7. Unfortunately I think the franchise has gotten a little tired. They had a real strong opening, that was a origin story, for the first movie. Which paved the way for the second and probably the third to be made. The second was amazing and really blew the first movie out of the water. Now the third movie looks like its going to a semi-campy over the top move where Batman dies. (Sorry for the spoiler) Realistically its going the way of Transformers did. Out like a lamb to the slaughter.

    The Avengers is a great movie with great acting and special effects. Even with the halfway decent portrayal of Hawkeye the Avengers movie is still going to hold the top seat for fastest billion. My final thought is that we are kind of comparing apples to oranges though. We have only had 1 Avengers movie to 2 Batman movies. So its really not a fair comparison based on movie gestalt as it were. Now if the poll were about Avengers vs. Batman Begins. That would be a totally different ballgame.

  8. Frank Castle on

    It’ll be a hit but not monsterous. I think Heath’s potrayal of the Joker stole the show. Bane looks good but not as good as having Joker in the movie. I grew up reading both Marvel and Dc and was always partial to Marvel characters. It’s finaly nice seeing Marvel movies doing well but its a win for all comic fans that both companies put out great products. Avengers was amazing fun. Can’t wait for a sequel.
    I’m sure that Nolan will have another outstanding story to end his chapter on Batman. On a side note great site guys.

  9. Probably not. As much as I love the Dark Knight movies, it’s been seven years since Batman Begins and four years since The Dark Knight. That’s simply too long. The way Marvel has built its franchise has been without presidence. I can’t think of any other franchise which built a team, one movie at a time, building towards the big payoff. I don’t think there’s been a gap of much over a year without a movie that ties into the Avengers in one way or another. They played the audience like fiddles, building up, and giving just enough to keep interest at a white heat. DC, on the other hand, has let the franchise grow cold as the grave, and what they’ve given us in the meantime (great animated features and other DC live action movies that just plain sucked) didn’t tie in to the Batman franchise. Sorry, but as much as it pains me to admit it, Marvel did it right and the box office proves my point. I think Dark Knight Rises will do very well but it doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of outdoing the Avengers. Let’s face it – DC botched it, compared to Marvel, and DKR was left dangling along at the end of a very long branch.

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