In this issue: Bending air, G.I. Joe delayed, Youngblood does something, and Star Trek and Doctor Who team up to fight the metal men (but not THOSE Metal Men).


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G.I. JOE gets delayed to 2013

Star Trek the Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation #1
by Scott Tipton, David Tipton, Tony Lee, J.K. Woodward & David Messina
They said it would never happen! Nearly five decades and 1500 episodes in the making! The two greatest science-fiction properties of all time cross over for the first time in history, in STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION/DOCTOR WHO: ASSIMILATION! When the Federation’s most terrifying enemy strikes an unholy alliance with one of the Doctor’s most hated antagonists, the result is devastation on a cosmic scale! Spanning the ends of space and time itself, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise find themselves joining forces with the Doctor and his companions, with the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance!

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Writer: John McLaughlin
Artist: Jon Malin, Rob Liefeld
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $2.99
SOLICITATION: It’s the 20th anniversary of the comic book that launched the Image Revolution in 1992! ROB LIEFELD’s YOUNGBLOOD returns bigger and better than ever with an all-new look at the next generation of superheroes, courtesy of screenwriter JOHN McLAUGHLIN (Black Swan, Parker), up-and-coming artist JON MALIN and YOUNGBLOOD creator and Image founder ROB LIEFELD!

In this first issue, a young reporter is embedded in the Youngblood team. Her assignment is to gather enough information for a humiliating puff piece, but she quickly discovers Shaft, Vogue, Lady Photon, Die Hard and Cougar are a team to be reckoned with. Badrock would be part of the group too… if he wasn’t in a coma with wounds that have nearly pulverized his otherwise rock-hard hide.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Major Spoilers Poll of the Week
The Avengers took the box office by storm over the last couple of weeks, rising quickly to the billion dollar mark.  The Dark Knight also made a billion dollars when it was released, but with The Dark Knight Rises still a few weeks away, and near the end of the summer schedule, will it be able to make that much money again?

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The Last Airbender – The Promise Part 2
Aang and Katara are working tirelessly for peace when an impasse between Fire Lord Zuko and Earth King Kuei over Fire Nation colonies within the borders of the Earth Nation threatens to plunge the world back into war! Meanwhile, Sokka must help Toph prepare her hapless first class of metalbending students to defend their school against a rival class of firebenders

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  1. Lin Beifong, the Chief from Korra, is the Daughter of Toph. I find in interesting that she has Toph’s family name. Seems unlikely that Sokka is her father. Sokka, at the end of Last Airbender was paired up with Suki, a non-bender and Kyoshi Warrior. I don’t know if she appears in The Promise, which I’m going to have to pick up. Sounds very much like it is setting the stage for the founding of the Republic as seen in Korra with Toph training Metal Benders and addressing the issues of the established Fire Nation colonies.

    Aang’s attitude toward the Fire Nation is bound to be conflicted, as they did commit genocide against his Nation, and his role as the Avatar is influenced by that. The beauty of the Avatar world is that the characters and their relationships are complex. Their motivations are often conflicted with notions of duty, honor, and family and how those things don’t always fall in line with one another.

      • Another interesting facet of the non-bending Kyoshi Warriors is that at the end of Avatar: TLAB they take in Ty Lee, who was a chi blocker working with Azula and the Fire Nation before redeeming herself. Their kabuki style face paint isn’t entirely unlike the mask worn by Amon in Korra…Wild Ass Speculation, but possibly a connection?

        • I thought about that too, another interesting tidbit: Amon explains how “he” lost his face and his familly to a fire bender, Asami’s mom was killed by a fire bender, Mako and his brother lost both parents to a fire bender.

          The avatar is the only known person capable of removing someone’s bending, my guess is that the fire bender in question and Amon are one and the same, the man seen in Korra’s flashbacks that had his bending removed by Aang for his crimes. He could have found a way to use what Aang di to him on others. One thing is certain the chi blockers are related to Ty Lee (my guess is she taught it to the Kyoshi warriors) , seen how she is the only chi blocker in the original serie.

          Another theory is that Amon is actually Asami’s mom, her faced burned off by the attack, she left her family after her disfigurement and vow revenge.

          My guess is that Amon can’t take people’s bending from them, just blocks it with his own chi or it’s a form of hypnosis, when Aang took the fire lords bending it was this huge display of power and Amon seems to do it with no effort whatsoever.

          P.S. On the pairings, during the original series Toph shows signs of a crush towards Sokka (she hugs and says how she knew he would come back for her when she fall in the water), so does Ty Lee for that matter…

  2. I hate to be this nerd, BUT . . . the Ninth Doctor never met the Cybermen. It was David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor that met the Cybermen for the first time (since the relaunch).

    • I hate to be this nerd, BUT . . . the Ninth Doctor never met the Cybermen. It was David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor that met the Cybermen for the first time (since the relaunch).

      Yeap. I was thinking of the scene in Dalek where Nine and Rose find the decapitated Cyber-head in the trophy room, and for some reason was linking that to the first appearance of the actual guys…

  3. Georgedubya on

    Rodrigo is gone, and the show devolves into fart jokes during the intro… Yup, that sounds about right.

    Also, Stephen, you read my comment… Are you feeling alright?

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