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Lords of the Feywild

This episode: The cutest little character appears in the show, and an ending you’ll have to hear to believe!


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  1. ok, having listened to the episodes probably more than anyone else (research), Brian makes a TON of jokes that are missed the first, second and maybe third time around. Brian awesomeness from this session? Listen for him saying: “Do you WANT, money…?” to his assistant.

    • Aspiring Spambot on

      I’d challenge you on the “most times listened” thing, but I usually turn the podcast on and then drift in and out of paying attention as I mess with something else. Plus, since you’re actually playing now, you probably find it a lot easier to focus on what’s going on than you did as a listener. :P

      • Plus, since you’re actually playing now, you probably find it a lot easier to focus on what’s going on than you did as a listener. :P

        Believe it or not, that makes it much HARDER to focus.

          • Aspiring Spambot on

            Granted, D&D Encounters at my local store tends to take twice as long as it should just because of all the long bouts of table talk, but at least we’re all paying attention is what I’m getting at.

            On an unrelated note, I just wanted to mention that I always picture Ket’s imp with Rodrigo’s face.

      • No way, it’s a thousand times harder. Your brain goes a little numb from focusing so much, and we’re way more focused because it’s being recorded. Also, episodes will not be out by the time we record again so we have to go on memory and notes. It’s also really hard to take notes when you’re trying to stay in character.

  2. Rodrigo, I just want to say I know your pain from the beginning of this session (and many others). I Dm two games and have that headache to deal with every week, and oddly enough one of the pains in my butt is named Matthew as well. Great show everyone! Welcome back Rob.

    • I Dm two games and have that headache to deal with every week, and oddly enough one of the pains in my butt is named Matthew as well. Great show everyone!

      As you heard in this episode, I try hard to be self-regulating, but a combination of Rodrigo’s quiet nature and my remote status often makes that struggle come off as “seeing how much I can get away with.” Mileage, as always, varies…

  3. Aspiring Spambot on

    I have to say that I enjoy the subtle implication that Poke may be an agent of Asmodeus. If she turns out to be a level 14 solo monster the party fights to round off a story arc, I will be happy forever.

    Also, I’m fairly certain by this point that Rodrigo loves playing small, quirky things more than anything else in the world, which is why he needs to bring back Thony at some point.

  4. Loved when Trelle grabbed Randus assistant and basically picked him from his bowl like a goldfish and threw him in the forest while screaming “You are free, free!”

    The season is looking like a lot of fun, specially with Trelle as a new party member pointing out just how insane and weird our heroes are.

  5. *throw pokeball at Poke* Yeah!!! I caught a Poke! #GottaCatchThemAll

    Sorry, had to make the joke since no one else did! Great Episode!

  6. Great episode! Welcome back Rob, and also Ket. I like how nobody asked Ket about being part God, maybe they don’t take him seriously anymore.
    Please tell me that there are bloopers of you guys laughing at Rodrigo’s Poke interpretation, that voice made me lost it. Trelle prospective on the world is cool and the scene with Randus’s assistant was epic, had to listen back immediatly :D

  7. This is one of my most favorite episodes. I wish my gaming group would have character interaction the way you all do. Thanks for sharing and keep having fun.

  8. J_Michael_T on

    “Do you have pods I can listen to?”

    “Yes, here you go.”

    “You can also set up a donation of 2, 5, or 10 gold recurring…”

  9. gammafighter on

    The character interactions in this episode are absolutely priceless. The best is when Randus showed Treiyll the readout on her tattoo thinking she would find it interesting and helpful, but to her it’s just complete and utter nonsense. That was an awesome detail Rodrigo. It really fit the character well in a hilarious way.

  10. Wow, what a way to end the episode! I love the character interactions in this group. Thinking of Mr. Crab-Bot being “released into the wild” and probably being totally robo-confused cracked me up. And I want a hamburger-sized hedgie. (Unless, as someone said above, it ends up being a Dark Hedgehog God or something) :)

  11. StellarLeader on

    Ket is back.
    Cutest character ever is possibly an agent of Asmodeus.
    Trelle just realized she’s travelling with a bunch of weirdos.

    I just loved this episode. Everyone was absolutely amazing.
    Once again, thank you very much guys!

  12. Good episode – LOVED Poke! Orem was so dismissive of such an adorable creature…

    The Lizard Wizard is real? Must be a close family friend because I could swear Orem was an only child early on…

    Looking forward to a bigger, 5 person fight. Mega gigantic paragon solo soon? Body = the map maybe?

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