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Lords of the Feywild

This episode: Season Four Begins! Orem returns to the Feywild.


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  1. I loved this episode. Rodrigo’s description was aptly unsettling, the plants, the state of the feywild and the Cerulean Academy. Can’t wait for future episodes and I’m really looking forward to figuring out what has happened to Ket.

  2. A tear went down my eye when Rodrigo said That Brenzen, Ket, and BBB were on the ship that went down, The Storm Tamer.

    • litanyofthieves on

      Kudos to Rodrigo for making NPCs that we really connected with, then striking them down. Makes the story feel all the more real.

  3. I half expected that the clanging sound they heard right before the gnome came out was going to be an older, time displaced, version of Randus. As always fantastic work all around. Can’t wait till next week.

  4. Older Randus would have been cool – but I like having Orem back in the protacanist seat again. Like the good old times.
    Nice to have you all back. Ooooh sorry Rob, guess this is like the good old times?

  5. The Great NateO on

    A tip to the Hat to Rodrigo yet again! This was a great start to the season, it was EPIC!!! I think it was great to have the old team back and ready to go. I have missed Torq’s talking a lot. Also I think it was funny that Randus and Torq just forgot about the “People” that were in the forest and took off after Orim. I wonder who was still not awake yet in that forest.

    So Rob is out for a few episodes, well that sounds a lot like season 1 and if I do remember correctly someone saying that everything went back to the way it was with the “VOID”. So will we see Smith come back? If so, Randus you may want to look out because Smith may want his coat back.

    Till next weeks awesomeness!

  6. What a great episode guys. Rodrigo is really a amazing story teller. I never looked forward to a podcast so much. It really made me want to see Critical Hit as a comic book or novel.

  7. I would LOVE to see a comic book made out of the seasons of Critical Hit. Makes me wish I had any talent whatsoever for drawing.

  8. Great episode. However whenever I pause the episode on the website it backtracks at least 10-15 min for the audio yet the slider bar stays at the same time marker it was at. Meaning if I pause I have to figure out where I was again and if it was close enough to the end I have to relisten to a part of it because I can’t go far enough forward.

  9. Haven’t listened to the entire episode yet but right now when Torq went to the academy he apparently had a sandwich before the encounter.

  10. Awesome start. You guys have so much flavor to your world and characters. This is my first time being at the start of a season and I’m very excited. The primer pages about the feywild were a good read as well. Thanks for the show.

  11. Maybe it’s my own predilection toward enjoying “dude, I’m so high” humor (Cheech & Chong were always a favorite), but the part with Torq trippin’ balls while chopping away at the vines had me literally laughing out loud. Thanks for all the humor and I’m definitely looking forward to the next season!

  12. Yay! Critical Hit is absolutely my favorite podcast, and this type of episode, with world descriptions, roleplaying and skill challenges (I like skill challenges much more than combat) fill me with glee. I have already listened to this episode about four times :)

    You know what else fills me with glee? Randus is alive!!! Yay! For once, being my favorite character was not a death curse for that character! (Seriously, in books, movies, etc. , my favorite characters get killed or get the shaft every time…)

  13. This is one of the most reliable sources of enjoyment I have. Consistently reminds me of nights twenty years ago when we communed with gods, dragons and larger-than-life heroes under the influence of Mountain Dew, cold pizza and too many Doritos. Thank you so much for helping me to feel young(er), while renewing my desire to dig out my dice, strap on my metaphorical sword, and go tilting with windmills once more…

  14. Antonio Suarez on

    I can’t believe it’s taken anyone THIS long to christen this “The critical hit 420 special!” lots of sandwich humor. And mushrooms.

  15. This episode contains my favorite Critical Hit moment of all time:

    “Torq looks down at the sword, pointed at the center of his chest. Looks up and says, “I told ya if ya used the pointy end, they work pretty good…”

    “Dammit Torq!”

    “Last I saw, your ship was going down in the middle of the Astral Sea”
    Torq hugs him in the middle of that sentence Hhhgggnnnnn!”

    I almost cried… (:

    Thanks you guys for the wonderful work that you do.

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