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The Off Season

This episode: The finale of Rob’s adventure wraps as the team must outrun a swarm and report back to the tribes.


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  1. LemmyCaution on

    The only downside to the end is that I was enjoying this setting, and that Rodrigo is a lot of fun as a player. Maybe during the next break they’ll get to visit Rob’s Realm again.

    • LemmyCaution on

      Although, I have to add that I have a secret dream of hearing Matthew run an old school Gamma World one-shot. I realize that’s not too likely, but IIIIIIIII’d like it.

      • Although, I have to add that I have a secret dream of hearing Matthew run an old school Gamma World one-shot. I realize that’s not too likely, but IIIIIIIII’d like it.

        There’s little chance of that, as teaching FOUR people a new system is difficult, and as much fun as it might be, I think we’d have problems across the board. The more we discuss it, the more I realize that I don’t have the time to learn the new system well enough to DM for players of this magnitude (except Brian, who seems to embrace a fun old-school “lurk-and-RP” style) and we don’t have the resources to buy a bunch of old-school modules and learn a new system…

        At this juncture, it looks quite likely that Matthew-as-DM simply isn’t going to happen.

  2. D’aww short episode = sadface.

    Can you comment on danger vs player resources curve through the tiers? I know you mentioned critters from the older MMs being rather benign at higher levels, but from what I’ve been reading, most of the newer MMs, monsters lose their edge at higher levels compared to PCs.

    Also QA episodes are eeeeevil. Can’t wait ’til the new season starts :D

  3. Is it already over? Awwww :( I was enjoyng these character so much! I hope we’ll get to see them again some day. This also means we’re close to season 4! Woooop! Can’t wait!
    @Rob: great work putting this set together, it was very fun and enteresting even if we didn’t get much deep into the various tribes. Still enjoyed the heck out of it.
    Rodrigo is very funny as a PC, “Keep a look out for sharks” is legend now :D.
    Brian, please keep introducing your characters your way cause it’s awesome!

  4. Wouldn’t it have been a lot easier just to have someone hop on plesiosaur, note the large boat with bugs on it attempting to colonize and island, and turn around and report back? What was the whole point of a two-episode arena fight, then riding in and picking a fight, then coming back to report? So, now, you’ve killed off some of the best warriors in the land AND the bugs know you’re on to them. Kind of a silly adventure.

    • I disagree. First of all, it’s highly unlikely that any of the paragon elites the group fought in the arena would have reached their negative bloodied value, so while bleeding and unconscious the other four weren’t technically dead. Some quick off-camera healing from a tribal elder could bring them back in no time. You could even use it as a plot point when Warky & Friends have to work with their former adversaries on a mission.

      And yeah, it while would have been easier to hop on the swimming dinosaur, take one look at the giant bug boats and turn back to report, what fun is that? Do you want to watch a movie about an elite squad of soldiers who fulfill the bare minimum of their mission requirements and then return to base? The arena test to see who would go on the recon mission in the first place implies that part of the intel the tribes want to gather is how tough their opponent is, which you can best gauge through actual combat.

      Finally, in the gang’s initial contact it was the Formians who shot first. The fact that the tribal elders know about “trouble up north,” means the Formians have already done something to attract attention to themselves, so I don’t think the bugs would expect their incursion has complete secrecy.

      Kind of a silly adventure? It’s dinosaurs vs. giant ants, of course it’s kind of silly. That’s the point.

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