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The Off Season

This episode: Eight have become four, and it is time to head north and see what enemy has invaded the lands.


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Paladins and Dinosaurs

Dino art by DR Studios

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  1. Whats up with the short episodes? Thats a double insult! That means its longer to find out what happens in this game AND longer to find out about the third campaign!

    • That means its longer to find out what happens in this game AND longer to find out about the third campaign!

      It also means that the five Critical Hit cast members, who have approximately 9 real-world jobs between them and who stayed up until something like 3 a.m. in their last two recording sessions, have a couple of weeks to regroup and recharge before the next recording session rather than having to meet up again in a week.

      We love doing Critical Hit as much as you love listening, but I think terming it an “insult” might be a bit disingenuous…

      • Maybe Todd’s comments read more harshly than they were intended. I sure hope so. I consider any episode that lasts more than an hour to be generous on the part of MS. This was over fifty minutes. The last three were 1h20m, 1h39m and 1h48m. The season finale and Drizzt were each over two hours long! Please be fair with the crew. They owe us nothing.

  2. No commercials? No ads? A show every week? Even on Christmas? Most of your listeners do not put that much effort into their one real job. If they did, you would have a lot more donations. I, for one, will dampen the nerd rage and just listen. Just sayin.

  3. Love your work guys. Thank you for all the hours of enjoyment that you have delivered to us your faithful spoiler-ites.
    Your Paladins and Dinosaurs game seems closer in feel to Conan/John Carter rather than the standard DnD default worlds. Excellent work Rob and co.

  4. Stephen = Warden
    Matthew = Warlord
    D&D Brian = Invoker
    Rodrigo = Ranger

    There is probably also some multiclassing going on, but that’s what I was able to gather.

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