Marvel sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the upcoming Avenging Spider-Man that kicks off the Omega Effects arc.

“Trust no one… Hurt everyone” – The Omega Effect begins here! Spider-Man, Daredevil & The Punisher, find themselves in an epic chase across Manhattan for the all-powerful Omega Drive! But can the three of them put aside their differences before the Omega Drive falls into the wrong hands?

Avenging Spider-Man #6 arrives April 11, 2012.

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  1. Well, well… The NYC boys are back together again. I can imagine the conversations: “You were dead! So were you! I thought you were Frankenstein! I got better! You gal stealing snake! What are you complaining about? You traded your wife for your old aunt! Did not! Did too! Will both of you shut up? So what’s your super-power, Frank? Super assiness?”


  2. Wait, haven’t they done this a zillion times already, like is SpiderMan vs. Hulk, SpiderMan vs. Superman, SpiderMan vs. Martha Stewart, SpiderMan vs. Archie, SpiderMan vs. Mary Jane, Spiderman vs. Batman, Spiderman vs. Jimmy Carter, SpiderMan vs. Captain Braindead, ad nauseum. It’s a simple plot. World in peril because previously unknown Maguffin shows up. Several heroes, one who is best selling and either another who is also insanely popular, or some has been whose books aren’t selling, run into each other while searching for said Maguffin. Heroes beat stuffing out of each other, completely ignoring whatever power set missmatch said heroes might be suffering from, heroes make friends just as bad guy (usually either a bad guy they dredge up from old stories with the hopes he might become popular even though he hasn’t been in a book in forty years) gets Maguffin. Heroes are defeated by bad guy who has Maguffin. Heroes team up to defeat bad guy with maguffin. Maguffin is never heard from again. Said retread bad guy is never heard of again. Second string writers and artist put onto project. Craptastic overprices special comic distrubuted. Events, maguffin, villain etc. in special “team up” issues never referred to again in regular continuity. Readers left with bad taste in mouth from being reamed yet again by Marvel/DC/Image/Whomever. Marvel/DC/Image/Whomever laughs all the way to bank.

    Can you tell I am going to give this a pass? Or is my sarcasm too subtle?

    • It’s a good way to get money out of people. From a buissness standpoint i see no problem.
      The last issue with Hawkeye was really cool and gave a nice interpretation of the Hawks.
      Surely not a great book but fun from time to time.

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