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  1. ~wyntermute~ on

    Awful AND tasteless…. until now, these comics had only been “awful”, and I’ve been quiet. As somebody who’s living with depression (because it never really “goes away”) and who’s known people who’ve tried suicide…. This isn’t even “politically incorrect”. It’s just a cheap _bad_ joke. There isn’t anything funny here. (Plus the “new” art style is less-charming than the “Major Spoilers Adventures” style was.) Sorry, but I hadda say something.

  2. “Plus the “new” art style is less-charming than the “Major Spoilers Adventures” style was.”
    Does “less charming” mean utterly terrible?

  3. Jordan Isaacs on

    “Stephen Schleicher
    1 day, 1 hr ago
    Granmalkin, I’d be more than happy to take a look at your art work if you like.”

    This is not a legitimate rebuttal. A reviewer does not need to have an insider perspective on their given industry. For example, have you, Matthew or Rodrigo ever written a comic book? As far as I know from my listenership to the MSP, you have not. Given, I may be wrong on that fact, but my point stands. One does not need to be a professional writer or artist to criticize the writing or art of another person. However, I do concede that Grammalkin’s criticism is not at all constructive.

    While Grammalkin’s opinion on the art may have been extreme, I have to agree with Wyntermute in the point that this particular iteration of the Spoiled comic is not funny. While I have not ever dealt with depression or suicide, I do realize that these are not topics to be taken lightly, and this comic obviously disregards the gravity of those subjects. Certainly, it’s just a joke, but this particular joke is tasteless. Suicide is not funny, at all, and should not be treated as such. Sorry to be a downer, but there are plenty of oher avenues to take in the spirit of comedy.

    But, as Matthew says, your milage may vary.

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