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The Off Season

This episode: You’ve been asking us when we would answer your e-mails, and in this episode, we answer that question… with answers…


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  1. There’s something I’ve been really confused by for some time now… What episodes correspond to season 2? I always thought celestial crusade WAS season 2

    • Four Against the Void was season 2, and Episodes 1-7 (The First Session aswell as character creation and 4e Discussion) is considered Season 1

      • Season 1 – Everything up to episode 7, It all Comes Crashing Down
        Season 2 – Four Against the Void – Episodes 8 – 57
        Season 3 – Celestial Crusade – Episodes 63 – 132
        Season 4 – XXX XXXX XXXX – Episodes 1XX – ???

      • Matthew see above… Torq appeared in Moonhold in the first seven episodes. It all comes crashing down is when we brought down the tower is Season 1, which ended with Orem and Torq gathering people (and a dog) into a shelter while we waited for the storm to blow over.

  2. I’ll try to donate more, but what serious cost?

    Also if you’re really considering putting Critical Hits behind a paypal wall, you might want to try a Kickstarter project first.

  3. Thanks for these off-season episodes guys. Everyone appreciates these weekly fixes for our Critical Hit addictions.

    I figure I’d share my preparation stuff: I use Evernote for the exact reasons Rodrigo stated; ideas all the time, so I can always note them in my phone. And more recently I’ve been using Masterplan, which is software designed exactly for running D&D adventures.

  4. Hey Guys! It’s always nice to hear the episodes when you’re all just chatting, it’s a different dynamic to the MSP. Just signed up for a recurring donation, and emplore everyone else to aswell! I would hate to have to travel to work in silence. If Critical Hit, the MSP and Top 5 just suddenly ended, I think my mind might crumble without my Bi-weekly dose of Matthews joke’s being No-selled. Keep up the good work, and don’t stop!

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