There’s probably a good reason why DC did not release the name of the mysterious cloaked woman that was seen at the end of Flashpoint and all throughout the New 52 number one issues. The company finally gave her a name, and it could be read a couple of different ways.

Here name is Pandora, and had the company released the name too early, I think a lot of pundits would have equated the name with the trouble DC was about to unleash on the world. Fortunately, the relaunch wasn’t a disaster, but now I wonder what the publisher has in store for her. Do I need to go back and re-read pre-relaunch Wonder Woman comics? Is there a big event coming that will put all of this into perspective? Will we see this event tie into the 52 worlds that are apparently out there, and thus by the end of 2012 we have a DC Ultimate Universe?

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  1. What’s notable about Pandora is that she is necessarily meta-textual since she appears in all of the launch 52 which only hold any sort of cohesive meaning to us the readers of the launch. There is no particular reason she should appear at the start of All-Star Western, in the dark ages of Demon Knights, or all the contemporary moments (and not so contemporary if you allow the vague 5-year timeline) “simultaneously” except if she has some tie or meaning to our reality… of course, that assumes there is that much thought into her writing and she wasn’t a slap-dash last minute stunt thrown into the books! :P

  2. Her true name is “contingency” and she would be released on the new 52-world if it had been a failure.
    Now that things have gone well – they can do what ever they want with her.
    I predict a … Multiverse!!! Thats new and fresh – right???

    • People seem to assume the worst and apparently have great difficulty with waiting and seeing.

      Regardless, I like the idea of a common thread (or threat) that is moving through the DC titles and want to see how this will play out.

  3. I don’t know if it’s significant, but her skin and hands look kind of gross. Maybe her power is that no one can remember anything she says because they’re too busy staring at her gross hands?

  4. I don’t like her, panic button or cheap plot device.
    I guess she is linked to the big crossover between DC and the old Image/Wildstorm universe.
    So, for me, a other reason to not appreciate her since I really don’t appreciate the importation of the Wildstorm characters into the DC Universe.

  5. I honestly don’t think Pandora is Raven. Obviously, Pandora existed BEFORE the universe of the New 52 was created. She was the one that combined them. So, she can’t be any old character unless that character had knowledge of all three universes and the power to combine them into one. I also found an interesting article but it turned out “Pandora” was just someone playing a game. At least, that’s what it says. For all we know “billee0918” could be someone that works for DC and they added numbers and stuff to the name so you would THINK it was a normal person. It probably was, but if it wasn’t, I have a theory. The posts by Pandora/billee0918 mentioned Raven, Zealot, and a third sinner. My thoughts, if this was real, are that Pandora was recruiting for something big. She took Raven, from DC, and Zealot, from Vertigo, and, I think, the third sinner is the last one she wants to recruit and this character comes from the WildStorm universe. That’s all I got. If anyone else has info/theories I would love to hear them, because, frankly, this new universe is confusing.

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