This week, we cast our gaze at the Super Friends – and more specifically, the teenage sidekicks that plagued the team for seasons.  In one corner we have the team of Wendy Harris and Marvin White who appeared on the show from 1976 until early 1977, at which point they were replaced by Zan and Jayna from the planet Exxor.

If you had the chance to pick the duo you would most want hanging around your secret headquarters, who would it be, and more importantly, why?


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  1. Obviously the Wonder Twins.

    Now the bigger question is why kind of blackmail evidence does Marvin has that gets him access to the Justice League? Must be pretty good. That’s probably why Wendy is around too, he’s got dirt on her too.

  2. The Wonder Twins and their monkey, Gleek, were usually of little help. And I understand that Zan can turn into forms of water, but where did the bucket come from? Does he also the the more interesting ability to turn himself into plastic?

    Wendy was hot.

  3. Let’s face it. Zan & Jana were actual superheroes with actual superpowers. Lame superheroes, but superheroes all the same. Wendy & Marvin was an attempt to draw in the Scooby-Doo crowd. Also, the dog didn’t talk. Double minus points for that.

    Zan & Jana are remembered fondly. So much so that DC has attempted to bring them into continuity a few times and were adapted into Justice League Unlimited. Wendy & Marvin got adapted just to be eaten by Ares dog.

  4. I’m choosing neither. Not because I dislike them, I just don’t trust super teens. Think they’re so great with their make-out parties… *grumbles*

  5. Zan and Jana all the way, because I wouldn’t want to be sitting around with giant demonic dog-bait in my secret headquarters.

  6. I always thought Zan was kinda hot in that super-twink sorta way. And when your best friend is your sister, it wouldn’t take Batman to figure out which team he plays for…

  7. The Wonder Twins get my vote.
    1. They have powers.
    2. They lasted longer than a season.
    3. Gleek kicks wonder Dogs ass.
    4. worked better in the comics. (I mean the Superfriends comic not Extreme Justice)
    5. Their picture is cleaner, clearer and more attractive.

  8. Oh, you children who do not know of Wendy and Marvin. You sadden me.

    As far as the poll, I chose neither, because I would want neither hanging out in my headquarters. I mean, it might be good to have some interns or something for crap work, but hopefully they wouldn’t be as annoying as either pair.

    And Gleek was annoying as shit. There. I said it.

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