Sunday was mostly me buying stuff, lots and lots of stuff. But you can find a couple stories and all those pictures I promised and a few more inside.

First thing we did upon arriving was get the epic ConQuest. It sent us back to a few of the booths we’d already been to with a MadLib. Most of them asked us a few questions about what we did the day before and the other had us try another of their games. All in all the Epic half was a bit lame compared to the first part. Also, every thing was building up to a raffle and none of us won, but the journey was worth it.

Afterward I bought some games, some more games, a couple expansions, and some gaming accessories before heading to the D&D booth. Here I got grouped up with some other people for a simple live action D&D game. We took on a zombie, but only bloodied it after two turns and ended up losing. Winners got posters, we did not.

Anyhow, here’s those pics I promised.


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