Critical Hit: A Major Spoilers D and D podcast
Celestial Crusade

This episode: The diplomatic mission continues to the Demonweb, and you won’t believe what happens next. No, really… you’ll be completely surprised…


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Warning: Pregnant women, the elderly, and children under 10 should avoid prolonged exposure to the Robot Overlord. Robot Overlord may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds. The Robot Overlord contains a liquid core, which if exposed due to rupture, should not be touched, inhaled, or looked at. If Robot Overlord begins to smoke, get away immediately. Seek shelter and cover head. Do not taunt the Robot Overlord.


  1. Camoren Jennings on

    palanquin was the word you were looking for :)

    Also known as a litter or sedan chair (amongst other things)

  2. CxOrillion on

    “Aaaaand that sounds like an excellent place to take a break…”


  3. Shouri Elemente on

    Rodrigo, i think i wanna pat you on the back and punch you in the face at the same time. Woot (Slagathor)!(maybe) but he’s dead….?

  4. I hate, hate hate spiders. Heebie jeebies throughout the whole show…Black widows and orb spiders are way creepier than Wolf and Tarantulas…Matthew, I hope a spider crawls into you mouth while you sleep…

    Love Otter,

    P.S. Awesome cliffhanger!

  5. … WHAT!? That’s pretty much all I could think at the end of the episode. Great episode, anyone got a TARDIS I can borrow to get to next week faster?

  6. TheNewNum.2 on

    I support cliffhangers like this. As a long time soap opera watcher, I love me some great cliffhangers. This one leaves your mind scrambled thinking of all the possible explanations for a (Slagathor) seemingly 3 years older suddenly showing up in the Demonweb. (Not to be confused with a 3 year old (Slagathor)… which would also be pretty awesome.)

    Keep on keeping on gang!

  7. The masked riddler on

    I would just like to say that I called the ghost-(Slagathor). Besides that, great cliffhanger Rodrigo!

  8. IamtheWalrus on

    You guys just earned a recurring donation.

    I listened to this on a bike ride with my wife, and we had to stop while I explained to her what just happened. Which involved explaining who Smith was, and outlining the whole first season. She’s now keen to hear more about “missy”!

    Awesome work all, I love this podcast.

  9. Rui M Almeida on

    Stephen / Rodrigo,

    I say this in the nicest and gentlest way possible: you guys are cruel, evil pricks! How dare you makes us wait almost a whole week to find out what the heck is going on???!!!??? You suck!

    Rui, aka Ariamus

    PS, great episode, BTW ;-)

    • Well depending on how crazy my week is, you may be waiting longer than a week for the next episode… just giving you fair warning now. Will do my best to have it for you on the usual time, but those who have been following for the last couple of years know this may very well be my busiest week of the year, thanks to my Real World Job.

  10. chillidawg72 on

    I think that if this is who we think it is, Torq is going to go to pieces and be all blubbery. I can’t wait to hear Matthew role play that. It will be awesome.

    • I don’t know torq is closer to Orem but I still think he’ll run up to whoever he is and be like “uhhh we didn’t get you a statue yet.”

  11. cool episode.

    but am I the only one who feels that the matthew/ Rob feud is getting a bit out of hand. Are the two of you having a real problem with eachother? if so I would suggest talking it out.

    Or Am I reading to much into friendly banter?

    • but am I the only one who feels that the matthew/ Rob feud is getting a bit out of hand. Are the two of you having a real problem with eachother? if so I would suggest talking it out.

      I don’t speak for Rob, but I think that my side of it is entirely based on how much fun it is to pretend there’s a feud going on. :)

      Rob and I have similar gaming philosophies, I think, and sometimes when you have two people who think similarly there’s a friendly rivalry that can easily be misconstrued as real enmity. I’ve never had a real problem with Rob, and I hope the converse is also true…

    • chillidawg72 on

      I have a little insight on this actually. I have noticed that Rob’s play style tends to vary depending on which character he’s running. So far, we have seen rob play four different characters, and each time a noticeably different side to his personality.

      For example:

      As Smith he was slightly reserved and introverted, just as his character was.

      As Kett he is social and outgoing, but at the same time kind of a tool, thus clashing with Matthew/Torq.

      As Glaa he is very pleasant and friendly, and generally fun to listen too.

      I can’t speak for the character he ran in “The Second Half”, nor can I even remember the character’s name. The point is it seems like Rob REALLY immerses himself in his character when he plays, much like a method actor does.

      And no, I can tell there is no enmity between the two. It’s all entertainment.

    • XantharTheFlame on

      That’s just devious enough that I believe Rodrigo might have thought of that! Can’t wait for next episode. This is awesome. I hope Stephen is not too busy!

  12. “Hey, Torq, that looks just like (spoilerspoiler)”

    “Good, let’s take a break here, bye everyone!”


    I’ve decided I hate Stephen. Hate.


  13. Sorry Stephen but I’m on the OMG I HATE YOU bandwagon ;) I’ll probably love ya again later but if you can’t release the next episode on saturday make the DM do it! I just want my episode :'(

    but seriously if are tied up with work and can’t I understand…..maybe ;)

    • Kind of makes you wish 100% of the listeners would have done a recurring donation right now, huh? That would have guaranteed the shows get released on time… Oh well. We’ll see how far I get, and how long my eyes can stay open to try and get this ready for you all. (hint: don’t hold your breath).

    • Rui M Almeida on

      And all I can say is that ‘dawg doesn’t necessarily speak for any of the rest of us and I can’t… ;-)

  14. Chillidawg72 on

    Hey, I want the new episode just as much as everybody else, but at the same time I think it’s selfish to put demands on Stephen, who’s clearly not getting enough sleep. Anybody who’s ever had a new baby in the house knows what I’m talking about. I realize the “I hate you Stephen” stuff is said in jest, but it’s still not cool to pressure him into putting out an episode when he has so much going on.

  15. Rui M Almeida on

    I’ve ended each of my comments on this episode with a wink “;-)” Everything thing I say is entirely in jest. Well, that is of course except the “great episode, BTW” in my first comment.

  16. First listen several years after the fact… best live play show there is! Small note that I was just a touch disappointed Kett didn’t flip out over going to the Demonweb next, thought that would have been a good moment.

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