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  1. It strikes me as a bit too ‘modern’ for WWII, but I can dig it.

    After all, any government that can come up with a super soldier serum and an incredible vibranium shield can likely manage to outfit the rest of his uniform with all of that padding, piping, stitching and an abundance of pouches and straps.

    (Can’t imagine he could stop a bullet with that helmet, though, without still suffering some massive amounts of brain injury.)

    • Antonio Sanciolo on

      according to the film cannon though, doesn’t stark invent vibranium in Iron Man 2? Plus there’s the fact that an incomplete prototype shield is used to prop up his big deus ex machine machine.

      • The ‘shield’ in Iron Man made me wonder… Then there was a line in the recent Avengers cartoon about Iron Man growing up hearing about Cap (sort of hero worship), so I wonder if that was a similar idea in the movie, he was making it in honor of Cap, not directly for Cap specifically. Not sure that it is, but it’s been the best I could think of to mesh the two other than simply being a teaser for Marvel fans.

  2. I really like it! It certainly looks more like something that the US would stitch up for a “super hero” costume in the 1940’s than for-fitting spandex. The close shots I’ve seen of the costume look like the blue portion is a denim-type material, which would make sense. Nicely done and I’m guessing there’s a bunch of cosplay folks looking for padded material and straps as we speak.

  3. I like it, but I can’t wait to see the one he’ll wear in modern times.

    In Iron Man, the shield is just that, an unfinished prototype his dad had laying around. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a finished one somewhere.

  4. W00t! happy to see the old WWII costume make it into the show and it looks good. I prefer that costume over the current one.

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