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  1. George Lucas will always be a genius to me because he used my the sexy & supple in the prime of her career Bea Arthur in the Star Wars Christmas Special. With the exception of her scene, the rest sucked.

  2. Robot Chicken? Family Guy? You left out the grand-daddy of the all: Hardware Wars. These other shows are just pale imitations compared to a space waffle iron blowing up a basketball.

  3. Blackthunder01 on

    This is a tough one. I never cared for the Family Guy spoof personally so that’s instantly gone. George Lucas or Robot Chicken? Hmmm … I’m sure when throwing Lucas into the mix for parody, you’re referring to Episodes 1-3 (and perhaps the Christmas Special). There is something to be said for the fact that he’s the creator and the CG and Action of Episodes 2 and 3. But then again, Robot Chicken not only makes me laugh but they are still churning out Star Wars parody shows. (I just saw the trailer for up coming one. It looks funny as hell!)

    I’m going to have to pick Robot Chicken because it gave me such great lines as “Now get your seven-foot-two asthmatic ass back here, or I’m going to tell everyone what a whiny bitch you were about Padama-may or Panda Bear or whatever the hell her name is!… Oh, jeeze. He’s crying.”

    • The FG Star Wars are good, but only if you’re a fan of FG to begin with. But the Robot Chicken ones are just hilarious on their own, much like the line you pointed out. I know people who dislike Robot Chicken yet still love the Star Wars specials.

      • Blackthunder01 on

        I’m sort of a fan of FG. For the most part I am but every once in a while they kind of suck. Their Star Wars stuff falls into the “they kind of suck” area for me.

  4. After watching all the Plinkett Reviews at Red Letter Media, I realize that George Lucas is definitely the best Star Wars.

  5. The answer is obviously Spaceballs, with Family Guy and Robot Chicken as close seconds. Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith were horrible Star Wars parodies.

    • It’s not like he has a choice in being that hairy. If George didn’t grow that beard, his head would have no way of delineating itself from his neck.

  6. This poll makes me sad, because I can’t choose between Family Guy and Robot Chicken. But having George Lucas on the poll is just too true. *sniff* Stupid George Lucas….

  7. George Lucas is out because what he did was not parody. It was travesty. The Family Guy episodes, although funny, feel more like a tribute than a parody with the line-by-line (and what feels like frame-by-frame) recreations of some scenes. Robot Chicken wins in my opinion because of the messed-up one-off feeling that you get from seeing your favorite characters get taken out of context for a few seconds (ie: The cantina scene turning into an after-work-drink-tragedy for a now one-armed architect, or Luke talking life with Darth Vader during the Cloud City battle and ending with “You know, if you’re not going to take this seriously…” and walking away).

  8. applejack1310 on

    Lucas is not parody, he’s actually TRYING. Sad. Family Guy is unfunny. Parodies are supposed to be funny, so FG is out. Robot Chicken is your winner. Hands down. The most recent SW special had the wonderful scene of Luke seeing the one-armed wampa at a gas station and watching him fumble with his one working hand to fill up his “car.” So effing funny.

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