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  1. I’m going to decline voting this week because I already gave Scotty my vote last time and I’ve never seen Wererwolf in London.

    • I’ll say this: I bet their love child would be Oz from Buffy. That could be an awesome showdown too. Scott Vs. Oz: show down of the Hairy High School Rockers! One plays basketball, the other’s a Scooby. One night only at the Sunnydale High Basketball Court! BE THERE!!!

      Second Act: Teen Witch Vs. Willow!

      • Yes, for sure! But do avoid the mistake of watching An American Werewolf in Paris, it really has none of the things going for it that made the original creepy and awesome. Werewolves doing the whole Blade rave scene, naked werewolf chick, skydiving off the Eiffel Tower, and really not worth the time.

  2. American Werewolf in London eats Dr Casey’s face FTW! Plus his IMBD page states that David Naughton was the voice of the Streak in the Justice League episode “Legends”.

  3. Once again, the poll boils down to “Who is less lame” And this time, all the b-ball skills in the world can’t save teen wolf.

  4. I like werewolf movies as much as the next guy, but as a monster type, they’re almost never truly scary on screen. For my money, the werewolf from AAWiL is that rare exception. It’s a hulking killing machine fueled by equal parts bloodlust, madness, hunger and residual libido from its human counterpart. Horny, rabid monster with pointy-pointy teeth. Much scarier than Alex P Keaton coming down with a bad case of hypertrichosis.

  5. Scary @ss killing machine Vs doofy hairy basketball playing dude, unless he chokes on a hairball Kessler is gonne eat Scott alive… literaly.

  6. Ok, no contest here. Unless An American Werewolf in London rolls only natural ones and Teen wolf criticals, there is no way Teen Wolf will win this fight. And yes, I just put these two in a RPG context!

  7. Scott and Booth are settling down, until some old lady got mutilated late last night, the judgemental eyes look to Scott. As it turns out, David isn’t dead, he skirts death. So David rips into Booth, Scott returns home from a pick up game to find his love made into a human chew toy, Scott wolfs out for the first time in a while, then it’s on.

    Scott holds out surprisingly for 5 minutes, until David rips out Scott’s throat out. Being a non mystical werewolf and only genetic, Scott has no chance. The Teen Wolf is no more. David runs off into the morning light naked, covered in blood.
    Scott’s Dad stops by to see his son before going to the hardware store, but all that’s left is broken half eaten body of a once proud basketball champ.

  8. I love both, so this was kinda tough. In a slam dunk competition, Teen Wolf wins, no contest (unless Kessler bites one of his feet off, neither here nor there). In an out and out fight, there are some conditions that must be met first. In pure ferocity, Kessler is a crazed killing machine and Scott doesn’t stand a chance, he is still a high school kid with accompanying morals, Kessler is completely lost to the beast within (or would it be without after the change). Also environment plays a factor, if they’re in open terrain Kessler wins. But due to the American Werewolf’s physical characteristics, it’s a quadruped, therefore (unless like Wolfsbane it can do some half shift between human and wolf) all Scott has to do is find a ladder to a rooftop and climb it then proceed to drop very heavy things on it’s head or start shooting at it, whatever’s handy.

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