Disney has announced that it is taking another popular animated property and turning it into a live action film.  With The Sorcerer’s Apprentice arriving in theaters today, the studio is keeping with the magic theme with an adaptation of Gargoyles.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Zoe Green is in talks to develop the story.

The project seeks to build a mythology around the carvings, originally designed in medieval times to act as spouts but later took on roles as powerful symbols to ward off or attract evil. The story is being developed, but it is known to be set in modern times.

Gargoyles was one of those Disney shows that didn’t show up on my radar until really late in the shows run, so I don’t have as big an attachment to the property like many of the others who visit the site each day.  That being said, I think a big screen, big budget adaptation of this particular show, with a PG-13 or higher rating, could be really great.

UPDATE: According to Variety, this Gargoyles movie is not based on the television series, but give the studio a chance to see how well everything develops, and I’m gonna bet someone changes their tune sooner or later.

via THR


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  1. what, you have to pay to read Variety?

    anyway, the internet is ablaze with this news. people can’t believe Disney would screw a fantastic property like the Gargoyle Animated Series.

    if Keith David is not doing the main voice, i don’t care about it.

  2. The news blurb makes me think they are going to do something akin to what “The Sorceror’s Apprentice” became, aka something with a familiar name, but almost nothing in common with the original version.

    Despite that skepticism, Disney is not a stupid company. They will have to attach this production to the original series in some way to atleast guarantee the audience of the animated series go see it.

    I also agree that without Keith David as Goliath I will not be seeing this movie.

  3. I’m not going to boycott the movie if they don’t get the same voice actors, I mean the originals were great but somebody else could flesh out the roles too. I just don’t want to see Goliath and hear George Clooney. I really hope that they keep the same dynamic cast of characters, and then they can do whatever they want with how they got to New York and who the human protagonist/antagonists are, just keep Goliath, Hudson, and the rest of the gang. To me, it’d be like have TMNT without Splinter, Raph, Leo, Mike, and Donny. There was a lot of serious material that can be mined from that series. It was a show that I watched but didn’t really get into it until after it’s original run had ended and I was catching reruns, probably because they weren’t comically slamming into walls and walking away like accordians.

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