Sad news for those who are excited for the Thor and Captain America films from Marvel.  Hero Complex is reporting that both films are getting the 3D treatment for a “more immersive film experience”.  What makes this so bad?  It’s the fact that Thor and Captain America are getting the upconversion process from the 2D footage – something that has yet to materialize as a successful means of creating a 3D feature *cough*Last Airbender*cough*Clash of the Titans*cough*.

“We came to feel that in our case 3-D could be the very good friend of story and character for a different kind of experience,” [Director Kenneth] Branagh said, taking a break from post-production. The filmmaker said the terminology of the 3-D process initially made him cringe  — at first, it was “math and physics and way over my head,” he said with a chuckle — but then he started to pulse with the unexpected artistic opportunities.”

This is just another in the long run of H’wood F-ups that will continue for at least another two years before the Sheep realize that 3D was a gimmick the last three times it arrived in theaters, and it will continue to be a gimmick that will never reach a level of success the Sheep hope it will.

via LA Times


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  1. But in other news, here’s an image of Thor, Odin and Loki that gives you an good look at them.

    Hopefully this is a frame of film and there’s a reason for the odd grin and Odin isn’t senile happy.

    • Agreed that eye patch is terrible. I wonder if that was the only one they could get to work with the actors skin or they honestly thought that was a good idea.

      • They could have went to the drug store and bought a better eyepatch. Anthony Hopkins is a great actor, I was hoping his Odin would be played the character he played in Meet Joe Black. I want Odin to get some wisdom for that eye. Not that I know anything about this movie and I’m totally judging it from this one pic. But I am on the internet. They should have let Neil Gaiman consult. Why are they in that stucco cave? Is that Asgard? It looks like the Presidents bobmb shelter from a scyfy movie.

  2. Just borrow the costumes from LOTR’s or put them in shorts and Superman capes like 300. Draw some abs on Sir Anthony Hopkins.

    • They’d be OK but they need the helmets. Dang, you can’t have Loki without the Hellboy helmet and Thor without the winged skullcap.

      • I’m feeling OK with the costumes as well. I would have preferred if Thor’s costumed had a bit more armor to it, Odin’s could have used a little less, and Loki is just about right. We could always hope that at some turning point, Loki dons his evil horned helmet, but I’m not holding my breath (it would be sweet).

        One thing I don’t like much, though, is the “too clean” feel to the picture. The hall is perfect, the armor is perfect, etc. My general vibe is that the Norse gods would be more into the practicality of things, not the shiny pretty – this would be more of a Greek gods thing. Would Odin really care that his armor is gleaming perfect, or would he rather proudly wear the chinks and scars of his encounters with the giants, Surtur, etc.

        • I agree completely here about everything being too clean. The armor could possibly be more of a ceremonial armor, I’m not saying it is, but that could possibly be the case. Dealing with everything feeling too clean, it’s the same problem I had with the Star Wars prequels. The original trilogy had this realism and extra weight because everything felt like it had years and years worth of wear and tear on it and the droids had been around and had seen a lot. The prequels made every little thing look so clean and tidy and perfect and there wasn’t a piece of trash or smudge on anything. I’m assuming dust and dead skin cells still existed a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Same goes here, I want to jump in to a story with these characters feeling like they’ve been battling ice giants and fighting battles for years and they have some war torn gear that they are proud to display. They should totally have gotten Hagrid to play Volstagg, just a side note.

  3. To be honest, I wasn’t that excited about either one of these films, and now even less so. Throwing 3D into the mix just seems like cheese to me. Its like a foil embossed or holographic comic book cover…disguising the crap on the inside pages. Add a little bit a grit Hollywood!! That formula works too…not everything has to be fluffy and fun all the time. Very disappointed, I hope Mickey Mouse didn’t make this decision, otherwise moviegoers will be in trouble for a long time.

    • I haven’t seen those 2D movies converted to 3D yet (Clash of the Titans, Airbender, etc.), but if I were to see these movies in theaters, I would definitely look for the 2D version. From all that I hear, the conversion method is still far inferior to actually filming in 3D.

      • When Clash of the Titans came out, there was an interview with James Cameron about how he thought the up conversion would go, taking it from 2D to 3D. He said that even if they spent the appropriate amount of time up-converting, that it’d only really be 2.8D and that to do it right they’d need to spend 6-8 months doing it. Clash of the Titans was converted in 6-8 weeks. I saw it in 2D and there were a few things about even the 2D that I hated (my biggest pet peeve regarding 3D movies), there were scenes that even in 2D I knew were added in solely to look cool on a 3D viewing. In one scene they’re fighting giant crabs and a guy throws a spear to another guy and he throws it so that it spins like a fan blade before reaching him. It’s a completely impractical way to throw something like that. Same problem I’m gonna have when this new Resident Evil comes out that was filmed using Avatar’s method, way too many scenes in the preview alone where stuff was intentionally added to stick out of the screen.

  4. Between the horrendous outfits and the lazy, crappy 3D, Thor looks like the type of cheese that would premier either on the Syfy channel or directly to dvd. I want this to be good and I’ll give it a chance but it’s not looking great right now.

  5. Does the pic look photo-shopped to anyone? It looks like someone added the eye-patch to Odin in retrospect.

  6. Those costumes are dreadful. Aside from the fact vikings would be wearing furs if they were decked out in armor, it just looks dreadful. It reminds me of the costumes from Batman and Robin. Way too over the top. Thor isn’t Iron Man he doesn’t need the spiffy armor, he can get away with just wearing clothes.

    • Well, to be fair Marvel’s Asgardians have sweet Fanny Adams to do with vikings or old Scandinavia. They’re just a basis for Stan Lee’s stories and Jack Kirby’s iconic space god art.

      When I accepted that, I learned to like Marvel’s Thor.

      Now, the plastic-y look is a little off-putting.

      • I accept the fact that Marvel Thor has little to nothing to do with the actual mythology, hence why I listed the other problems I had with the armor. It doesn’t stand up to the costumes seen in any of the other Marvel movies. And as I said, it reminds me of the costumes from Batman and Robin, all it is missing is some nipples on Odin.

  7. don’t like it..these are norse gods not modern shiny armour wearing weirdos

    what the hell is with the eye patch? looks like cigarette paper cut out into a round shape and places on the eye

    oh well, hopefully it should all look epic on screen

    So far, after seeing Captain America’s costume..i don’t think thor would stand out when standing with captain america and iron man..why didn’t they go with Ultimate Thor’s costume atleast? that was epic

  8. At first I was like, meh. The metal components don’t actually look METALLIC, nor are they scuffed and nicked like armor should be. But Odin and Loki’s costumes are growing on me. This is, after all, a COMIC BOOK movie. Depending on the tone of the script, some degree of glossy hyperrealism is warranted.

    While I agree that the faux armor look is not in line with the other Marvel movies (bordering on Joel Schumacher cheesiness), I believe going the ultra realistic route with a LOTR vibe would be a worse decision. Who even remebers the faithful Thor outfit from Bill Bixby’s Incredible Hulk TV movie?

    The target audience for a Thor movie is not LOTR/Dungeons & Dragons/Fantasy geeks who are going to see this movie regardless. The goal is to attract John and Joan Q. Public who do not know or care about the proper fighting garb for Scandinavian warriors. Nor are they invested in sticking to the comic lore. The Iron Man and Nolan Batman franchises do have a core base of fanboys, but the epic level of financial success for those movie is due to all the additional ticket buyers who aren’t obsessive about capes & tights. Success of a mass marketed Thor movie has nada to do with fur pelts, realistic eye patches, or whether the leather is similar to a tweflth level Wizard. Hence, the addition of 3-D for no other reason than ROI.

    I still hate the Thor costume. Aside from the faux armor, Thor looks like a budget Brad Pitt with Breck Girl Hair. Odin could use a longer less coiffed beard, and some scarring around his bling bling eye patch. Loki’s gear looks like something Maude Findlay would wear (he also reminds me of “Q” from Star Trek the Next Generation, and that’s a good interpretation of Loki).

    My complaints aside, these shiny people will make the movie more appealing to a wider audience and prime the expectations for an Avengers movie. I can live with these wardrobe decisions so long as the movie is good.

    …just be glad “the Watchmen” was released prior to this 3-D gimmick. IMAX gave America all the Dr. Manhattan we could handle.

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