Previews June 2010

This issue: The Major Spoilers Crew take a gander at the June 2010 Previews catalog from Diamond Comics.


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  1. theSuperAlbino on

    Guys, I mentioned this before I think, but Generation Lost is 26 issue bi-monthly series, it’s suppose to run with Brightest Day.

  2. 1.) I’m really excited for Superman: Earth 1.

    2.) I’m planning on seeing Jonah Hex but think it’ll fall in the area of “better than Catwoman but worse than Fantastic Four”. I’m going in with very low expectations so that hopefully it’ll surprise me and I can say that DC made a non-Batman movie I liked.

    3.) I’m going to inform Victoria of the cover for Y: The Last man … I think that she could probably pull off a decent likeness to that cover.

    4.) Being the rabit Arkham Asylum fan that I am (I can beat the viral marketing campaign and win a free copy of the game but yet I’m still stuck at 88% completion. WTF? Damn you combat challenge rooms!!!) I’m definately getting all the figures from this game. My only problem is that their Batman has a blue cape when he doesn’t in the game. I’ve always disliked anything blue on Batman.

    5.) 5 “D.W.” points to Rodrigo for knowing the answer is Quacker Jack.

    6.) Depending on the premise of the comic, I’m interested in Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders. I’m a fan of Bonk and P. Finch who are making covers for it, so I may have to buy one of them just to have their cover even if the story is as dead as the zombies it contains.

    7.) In regaurds to superhero men’s crotches … I thought it stood to reason that any superhero would wear armor right? Well why wouldn’t that include wearing a cup that would remove all defining characteristics of his legacy maker? Besides … do we need more Dr. Manhattan moments?

    8.) @Mathew. OMG you honestly don’t like Mike Turner’s women? Yeah they all look exactly the same but that is still a beautiful woman. Wonder Woman in Superman/Batman: Supergirl is one of the best WW’s I think i’ve ever seen.

  3. J Michael T on

    Some quick positive feedback: I enjoy the “Previews” podcasts as much as I enjoy the “regular” podcasts. I (perhaps foolishly ha!) do place some weight in your opinion re: some of the titles out there and this helps me be a little bit more selective than usual in what I purchase. Every once in a while I pick up a title I wouldnt have otherwise because of your comments. This was a good idea … thanks!

  4. Have to disagree about Riley Finn; yes he looked like Angel but he was exactly what Buffy needed. After being in an abusive, emotinally draining relationship that shattered her heart, Riley was exactly what she needed and he helped her heal. I love him for that especially because I can relate. I look forward to the one shot. Agree Brightest Day is moving really slow. It’s starting to put me to sleep…

    Saw the Y the Last Man cover; Matthew you can expect a special cosplay photo of me next weekend ;)

    • But you have to admit that while Riley was the stable ground that gave Buffy a stable place to stand on her own feet again, he was boring as hell. He was so predictably nice that he removed all drama from a show that revolves around drama.

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