Comic books feature some of the sexiest men in pop culture history, and here we count down the sexiest heroes of them all.

There are many things that lure us into the world of comic books. We watch as inspirational characters both super powered and non super powered alike, fight in the never ending battle of good verses evil. Jaw dropping art along with spectacular story telling are two of the most important things when it comes to comics. There’s also the sex appeal; ridiculously hot women and men running around in skin tight spandex (or in some cases, half naked) as they save the world is an added bonus. All too often I hear male fans gushing over some sexy female character whether it’s Black Cat, Witchblade or Power Girl. The men are usually always overlooked which is understandable being that majority of comic book fans are male. As a female comic fan, I’d like to take this opportunity to shed the spotlight on the sexiest men in comics. Trust me fellas; you’re not the only ones who wishes certain characters would leap out of the pages of your books. These gorgeous, heroic men are enough to make any lady’s pulse race.

10. The Darkness (Top Cow)

Sure, former mob hitman Jackie Estacado is a bit on the creepy side but that just adds to his bad boy appeal. The ability to summon dark creatures is quite impressive and his overall character design make him one sexy mofo. But be warned; this isn’t the kind of guy to take home to mom and dad.

9. Magneto (Marvel)

I’ve always felt compassion for Magneto. A man with a traumatic past who lost so much made me pity him and I understood his point of view although I didn’t fully agree to his methods. With his giant biceps and cascading hair, Magneto is a wonder to behold especially because of his powers. He probably makes for the sexiest villain ever.

8. Gambit (Marvel )

My first exposure to Gambit was the premier episode of X-Men the animated series which debuted in October of 1992. His carefree attitude and affection for Rogue won me over along with his cool Cajun accent. I suddenly had a thing for trench coats and playing cards. It was disappointing that actor Taylor Kitsch missed the mark on the big screen but in the comics Gambit remains as sexy as ever.

7. The Winchester Brothers (Wildstorm)

Yes, these comics are based on the CW show “Supernatural” starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki who in my opinion are some of the sexiest men on television. The series was just picked up for a sixth season and Wildstorm has various books out focusing on untold tales of the Winchesters. Who wouldn’t love two hot brothers who can protect you from the undead?


 6. Kyle Rayner aka Green Lantern (DC)

Hal Jordan may win in the popularity vote but Kyle Rayner holds the key to my heart. With his surprising death in Green Lantern Corps #42, it took every inch of my will power not to write a hate email to DC. By issue #43 Kyle had been brought back from the dead in what had to be one of the quickest resurrections in comic history. I literally screamed with joy when he rejoined with his ring and breathed a huge sigh of relief for the sexiest Green Lantern of them all.


 5. Superman (DC)

He is literally Prince Charming with a cape; a pillar of strength and hope with a  rock hard body. Aside from his god-like good looks, what attracts me to the Man of Steel is the kindness of his heart and soul. He values all those who are close to him and is one 110% devoted to his wife. In an age where chivalry is dead, Kal-El stands out as the man every woman dreams of.


 4. Tony Stark (Marvel Comics movie version)

True the Ironman in the films differs from the hero in comics today but no one can argue that Robert Downey Jr. is deliciously entertaining in the big screen adaptation of Ironman. Rude, careless and suffering from “textbook narcissism”, Tony is also lovable, intelligent and always comes through in the end. Robert Downey Jr. nails the characters persona and always leaves me drooling for more.


3. Wolverine (Marvel comics movie version):

Two words: Hugh Jackman. This wonder from down under was a virtual own known when he starred in the 2000 film “X-Men” but his performance as the ill tempered badass Wolverine made him an instant star and a household name. After starring in three X-Men films, Hugh starred in his own film about our hero and like many, I appreciated the effort but it wasn’t what I had hoped for. I didn’t mind much; there were plenty of scenes of Hugh in a wife beater or shirtless to keep me very, very happy.


 2. Black Adam (DC)

The first time I laid eyes on Black Adam was in the pages of 52 when he tore the hand off of a terrorist who was attempting to detonate a bomb. It was love at first sight for me; a protector who was willing to cross the line for the safety of others. I often think that if other heroes took this course of action then perhaps there would be less criminals in the world. His love for Isis is an epic romance and it was disheartening when they were turned to stone. With the resurrection of his brother in law Osiris, I am hoping we will be seeing my beloved Black Adam soon.


 1. Bruce Wayne aka Batman (DC)

My love affair with comic books began when I was introduced to the Dark Knight at age 9. This mysterious man who lost his parents and dressed as a giant bat was very different from other heroes such as Superman. The sexiest thing about him is that he doesn’t have superpowers; he is the best humanity has to offer and proves what a mere mortal in a world among those with “gifts” can accomplish. Although Dick Grayson has done a bang up job as the bat this past year, no one will ever come close to Bruce and the comic book community is now enjoying his come back in “The Return of Bruce Wayne” written by Grant Morrison. Now is as good as time as any to declare the Batman as the sexiest man in comics.


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  1. Great list. Not many people would put Black Adam on a sexy list but I can see why you do. Its a shame we can’t do a sexiest women countdown … not sure guys could be trusted to write something intelligent about why they think a girl is hot after spending time “researching” photos of them.

  2. I’m glad Black Adam is on the list, us olive-skined dudes need to be represented… one question though, shouldn’t HE be the highest ranking villain on the list?

    • Depends on if you think of him as a Villian. I don’t. I see him as no different than the Punisher or The Darkness or Venom. He’s an anti-hero if you ask me.

        • LoL … i suppose that’s true. I do want to note now that when I say Venom I mean Brock. I don’t acknowledge anyone else.

  3. We could easily do a sexiest women countdown, but being guys, I expect that it would quickly turn into a least-dressed woman contest… It is the nature of guys, in a lot of cases, after all.

    • MaximusRift on

      The problem isn’t that. The problem is that we might break the site again due to all the posting. Stephen problem would be getting the pictures while avoiding all the smut. ;p

      I think that it has to do more with what is sexy to you. Level of naked-ness has nothing to do with it; especially in superhero comics where costumes are made of form-fitting Lycra. I think that you should devote the Sunday Show to this list. I think you’d be surprised (or horrified ;p) by the answers you get.

      • You know … doing an elimation contest is the only way I see us getting a true top 10. Maybe opening up a podcast wouldn’t hurt. Get fans to submit their favorite 2 (or whatever) and the 16 most voted for get paired up in a versus poll each day. Winner of that day moves on to the next round until there is only 1 left … THE HOTTEST. The only problem with that is, guys are more visual so it would come down to which artist rendition of the character is hottest.

    • Good list
      At first i wondered why Black Adam was om there, but after thinking…yup je needs to ne there.
      He has that small bit of cuteness.
      When i think of it, i actually find it it cute how he would do anything for his people.
      And like we can see in Injustice 2, he can be a hero.
      So yeah i would call him an Anti-Hero
      Luv ya

  4. Males are certainly driven hard by their desires for physically attractive females. But that may be evened out a bit by the fact that almost every female in comics is not only attractive but seemingly better looking than anyone we will probably ever see.

    That being the case, I’d like to think we’d have enough maturity to appreciate more of the woman than just her body.

    Take, for example, Rogue. She generally shows little skin (for good reason, in the past) but I think many male readers would think of her as one of the sexier characters. Her wit, go-getter attitude, and physical power make her compelling.

    For myself, I’m all about Illyana Rasputin. She’s pale and skinny with stringy hair and most often wears plenty of clothes. … But I love her evil, snarky sarcasm, sardonic wit, and Russian hard-charm.

    • I have never and will never understand that attraction for Rogue. She’s always whiny, clingy, and strangely motivated, to me.

      I think that my Top Ten Sexiest women list would have to include Barbara Gordon, Jean Grey, and Saturn Girl, but I don’t know if I could fill an entire list… Sundra Peale, Francine Peters, Power Girl as drawn by Amanda Connor, The Scarlet Witch as drawn by George Perez in Avengers V.3?

      • I think Rogue had that combination of the wounded girl for whom a guy could be her hero but still a spunky free-spirit.

        I’ve liked her fine but, as you know, she wasn’t my favorite female X-character. My fantasy girls come from Deerfield and Siberia.

      • MaximusRift on

        Part of Rouge charm is that you can’t really have her and that can be a very attractive quality. Plus she not half bad to look at. ;p

        I’m surprised that people haven’t caught on that the list says “in Comics” and it has 4 live people in it. Not criticizing; just an observation. It’s also surprising that us males have limited ourselves to just super-heroines. No one finds any of the Archie characters (Betty & Veronica, Josie & the Pussycats) sexy?

        • The 4 live people make the list because they are adaptations of comic book characters, hence they qualify. It’s also important to clarify which version because heroes on the big screen have differences from those on the pages.

    • I think Rogue’s attraction for me was that she was one of the first girls with a huge … uh … power base and wore super skin tight clothes. I saw her complete figure without seeing skin. That and the fact that she always played up the sexy card to trick people into touching her.

      • Have to say it always aggravated me that Rogue’s physique seemed to suddenly change from a frumpy woman in a sweater with messed up hair to being a buxom, big-haired vixen in skin-tight…something…leather? Was that green and yellow leather?

        Anyway, she seemed to magically change just about the same time that Jim Lee started doing art. Strangely, all the rest of the X-Men seemed to magically change into hotties right around the same time–men AND women. Weird how no one in the books seemed to take note of it.

        By the by, how can Magneto still have that physique and be in his mid-80’s (wasn’t he supposedly born in the 1920’s)? I know he was reduced to a child and re-grew at one point, but didn’t he re-grow to exactly his same age as before he changed? Since the whole “holocaust survivor” thing is sort of integral to his character, it’s not like they can do the standard Marvel “sliding scale” thing where Punisher is a Gulf War vet or Spider-Man’s only been around for 10 years.

        • By the by, how can Magneto still have that physique and be in his mid-80’s (wasn’t he supposedly born in the 1920’s)? I know he was reduced to a child and re-grew at one point, but didn’t he re-grow to exactly his same age as before he changed? Since the whole “holocaust survivor” thing is sort of integral to his character, it’s not like they can do the standard Marvel “sliding scale” thing where Punisher is a Gulf War vet or Spider-Man’s only been around for 10 years.

          Magneto was de-aged and reborn during the Defenders back in the day, so his body is much younger than his mind.

  5. Someone else thinks Black Adam is hot? Wow, I thought it was just me.

    And agreed on movie Tony Stark. I think RDJ’s charm has a lot to do with me liking the movies so much.

  6. Something is wrong with me; whenever I look at that picture of Batman kissing Talia I keep thinking it’s me he’s kissing. *sigh*

    Anyway, thanks for the feedback everyone. This was an idea that popped into my head one day and I was elated to write it! :)

  7. Great List. I think it will need to change though when Thor comes out in May. That dude they have playing Thor was…..epically hawt.

  8. Astrodinosaurus on

    If we do a female version its going to be another win for the Bat-family seeing as Barbara Gordon is undeniably the greatest female character in comics ever… Chew on that Wonderwoman ;)

  9. You know… I would be interested in a cosplayer’s top ten fave costumes, male or female. I’d assume you’d look closer at the costumes than most people do, Victoria.

    • I would think that that would be tought to do since a lot of cosplay has to do with the peson wearing it and how the outfit looks on that person. It also depends on how the costume was made. I would think that that would be exceedingly hard to do without making it Top 10 CosplayERS.

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