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Coming this July from the masterly pen of New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz-and featuring an adaptation by legendary comic book writer Chuck Dixon-is Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein: Prodigal Son, a story filled with fast-paced action, gripping horror, and thrilling adventure!  In the story, Detectives O’Conner and Maddison delve deeper into the mysterious life of Victor Helios, trying to uncover his ultimate goal. Members of Victor’s “New Race” begin to show that they are not as perfect as planned. Randall Six continues his quest to escape from Hands of Mercy, as Officer Harker descends further into madness. And Erika Helios discovers some of her husbands’ unfinished creations.

Dean Koontz, one of America’s best storytellers, frequently incorporates elements of horror, science fiction, mystery, and even humor in his novels. His books have consistently appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List, with ten hardcovers and fourteen paperbacks reaching the number one slot.

“Every time I get an issue of these beautiful comics based on my Frankenstein novels, my bone structure changes, my body morphs, the lines smooth out of my face, and I am a kid again, full of glee and wonder and expectations of spooky thrills.”–Dean Koontz

“I’m so pleased that I can bring this graphic novel adaptation to its shocking, violent and grisly conclusion,” says co-writer Chuck Dixon.  “It’s alive! As much as I love the horror genre, this part of the story moves into an area I’ve more expertise at. Mainly, wild and crazy action with lots of guns and derring-do.”

“I’m really looking forward to getting my hands dirty on Frankenstein with a master at the horror craft,” says artist Scott Cohn.  “And my liver. And my spleen.”

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  1. I’ve got a friend that reads everything Dean Koontz writes. She highly recommends that I look into this … and i think i just may…

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