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  1. astrodinosaurus on

    As far as I see it there are two ways to look at this trailer.

    -Why yes I would enjoy a movie about the many aspects of an arms race.
    It revolves around mechs fighting killer androids and stars RDJ and Sam Rockwell?
    Well I am positively delighted!

    -Scarlett Johanson in a catsuit?
    WHY is this happening to me, why isn’t this stupid movie out yet!

    My reactions may seem limited…But I just don’t seem to care too much about that.

    • From what I heard, the film won’t be about Stark’s alcoholism so much as it will lead into it. The whole “Demon in a Bottle” angle will probably be at the core of the 3rd movie.

  2. I’m sad that they decided to abadon the darker theme of Starks alcoholism and introduce instead a (stupid) love triangle between Pepper und Natalia (although yeah…it’s just stupid ’cause there could have been a more comicbook like love thing)…but we’ll see…I’m really curoius how the Black Widow fits into that one (and I don’t buy Johanson yet in that role)…

    So in the end it’s something like Armor Wars???

    But hey…it looks like fun

  3. There’s just nothing negative that can be logically said about this trailer…it’s just PERFECT. I thought my absolute need to see this movie couldn’t be topped, until I witnessed the BRIEFCASE ARMOR in live-action.

    Awesomeness, pure and simple.

    • ACDC with War Machine off the Black Ice album and then Iron Man by Sabbath! \m/

      Very excited after seeing this trailer

  4. Captain Average on

    Whiplash looks WAY cooler than I thought he would. And everything else in that trailer is SWEEEET.

  5. brainypirate on

    Sam Rockwell — hot dag!!!! Excellent!!! He’s rocked my world since his turn in Charlie’s Angels: “Gotcha!”

    As for the costume change at the end, it’s very cool, but it also reminds me just how fundamentally WEIRD so many of Marvel’s heroes are: Iron Man, Daredevil, Hulk, Thor, Dr. Strange — there’s something about so many of their A-Listers that I just never got — how did these folks maintain their own series for so long?

  6. To explore that question with you would require that I understand what you consider “weird” about such characters. What do you find weird about them as opposed to B-Listers, DC characters, or whatever your criteria was for the question?

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