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This May, fan-favorite IRONHIDE is back from the dead for his own four-issue series—or is he? Under license from Hasbro, TRANSFORMERS: IRONHIDE explores the history of OPTIMUS PRIME’s best friend and the aftermath of his shocking death in TRANSFORMERS #1.

“Just because he’s dead, doesn’t mean he’s not important! This is comics, folks!” said IDW TRANSFORMERS editor Andy Schmidt. “While IRONHIDE’s death is extremely important to what’s happening in the ongoing TRANSFORMERS series, it turns out it’s even more important to the TRANSFORMERS home world of CYBERTRON.”

Located on CYBERTRON, TRANSFORMERS: IRONHIDE weaves a rich tale of consequences past and present. Comics mainstay Mike Costa pens this exciting story, with art by the talented Casey Coller. Coller and Marcelo Matere will provide eye-catching covers.

“If you’re a TRANSFORMERS comic fan, this is a must-have. The story has huge ramifications for the ongoing TRANSFORMERS comic saga,” adds Schmidt.

TRANSFORMERS: IRONHIDE #1 (of 4; $3.99, 32 page; full color) will be available in stores in May. Diamond order code: MAR10 0988.

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  1. Only good Transformer comic going at the moment is Last Stand of the Wreckers – I really don’t get why IDW gave Costa the reins for the creative direction, but it has been the epitome of what TF fans do not want to see.

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