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  1. The only thing I know about The Last Airbender is that it is a cartoon. But, this movie looks really cool. I don’t know if I will get to the theater for it, but I am putting in on my Netflix account right now.

  2. Unlike the Dragonball movie, this one actually has a decent budget and a decent director behind it. Though, personally, I liked the Dragonball movie, I went into it with very low expectations.

  3. Like Allen said, this one (1) has money behind it and (2) actually seems to know a thing or two about the source material. I actually feel a lot more positive about it having seen this trailer, since there’s scenes in it blocked straight out of the series.

  4. M night shymalan is an exceptionally good director, but he is a horrible writer and his ignorance has spiralled alot of fans away from him

    However, shymalan has said many times he watched avatar with his children and got into this..taking into account, he more likely would’ve stuck closer to the source material for the movie

    He knows he needs to prove alot of people and he is going to use this as a major force, especially since he wanted to direct harry potter..time to show off his talent at the fantasy era..

    hope it sells well, it will only open the studios interest in stories that are closer to the source..* i’m looking at you hollywood!*

  5. I have to say that I might just make a big deal out of seeing this movie when it comes out.

    As a long time fan of the show I have to say that so far they don’t seem to be ruining anything that really keeps me from enjoying the movie. (Zuko’s scar might not be dark enough but hey, I’ll go for it.) Katara seems to be acting like the hopeful girl from the first season and Sokka is himself. Yue though is someone I didn’t expect to see in the trailers but I am glad they decided to put her in this one.

    I just hope it doesn’t suck.

  6. I was a huge fan of the series and from the trailers so far it looks like they are doing pretty well. My only complaints so far is the actor playing Zuko looks too young and his facial scar isn’t very pronounced at all. Ohhh and the fact that I haven’t seen a single character smile once yet. The series had a lot of laughs and I’d hate to see all that humor taken out.

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