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  1. It’ll be slightly underwhelming if they bring him back, he gets immediately blasted by a green and pink beam (for example, Kyle and the Star Sapphire that brought him back to life) and *pft!* ‘Connection Severed.’ However, based on precedent, that should be all it takes to put him down again.

  2. Am I the only one who think this is kinda lame? Anti_monitor used to be special, but now he seems more like cannon fodder.

  3. Special Guest Star: The Anti-Monitor!!!

    Join us for this very special Episode of Blackest Night, where the Anti-Monitor comes back from the Great Hereafter to discover ….. the power of LOVE~! Or, y’know, one of the other 6 light flavors.

  4. I thought that his use in the Sinestro Corps War was a little iffy, but it did lead into him coming out in Blackest Night. For this instance, I’m actually pretty excited he (it?) is back.

    However, I wonder whether or not he’s appearing on Earth out of the actual Black Lantern battery where he was captured. If so, how is GLC going to get from Oa to Earth in a short amount of time?


  5. The art is actually by Greg Horn. Adam Schlagman is just the guy over at The Source that posted it. EIther way, I dig the image but am a little underwhelmed by the usage of the character.

  6. I don’t see how he exist at all anymore, wasn’t the whoel point of Final Crisis that ALL monitors ceased to exist, why is he still around then?

    I don’t think he’ll be too happy with being held captive in the BL main power battery, he’ll likely be an unversal threat trying to kill both Nekron and the good guys as well. Hopefully he’ll first take his revenge on Prime and he’ll be gone from good.

  7. Couldn’t it be that because all Monitors were destroyed during Final Crisis, that this was the only way Anti-Monitor could come back? As an undead would make sense anyway.

    Either way, psyched for this! Hope he turns on Nekron and we have a damn war triangle going on!

  8. @MechanisticMoth:
    Wait. Anti-Monitor came out?

    Finally! All that back-room groping and those weird looks! It just hurts that he didn’t trust us enough to tell us the truth all these years.

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