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Super Frat, the first super-powered, fraternity webcomic has announced the publication of the Super Frat/Dick Masterson Special featuring professional chauvinist, Dick Masterson, author of the best selling book Men are Better Than Women.

“We’re really excited to be working with Dick,” said Super Frat biographer, Tony DiGerolamo.  “Wait a minute, that didn’t come out right.”

DiGerolamo and artist, Chris Moreno, are part of a growing trend of webcomic makers that are gaining worldwide acceptance even as regular print comic book sales continue to decline.  Unlike paper comics, webcomic websites have online games, character bios, blogs, video and everything else you see on the Internet.  In addition, they are available 24/7 instead of just once a month.

“The sky’s the limit on the Web,” says DiGerolamo.  “Having a celebrity like Dick Masterson in the comic really jazzed up our hits.  It’s amazing what a Dick appearance can do for you.  Oh, wait.  Dammit!

“We’ve decided to run a contest this week as we’re going to print with the comic,” DiGerolamo adds.  “We’re looking for a pin up of Dick Masterson with or without the guys from Super Frat.  The best pin up we choose will get the artist $50 from Lead Pipe Studios and a free copy of The Super Frat Dick Masterson Special with their pin-up published inside.  And, of course, we’ll feature the entries on the site.  Get your entries in by October 1, 2009.  Post the pin up on your site and send the link to us here: Good luck, bros!”

The Super Frat/Dick Masterson Special will be available October 12th, but fans can pre-order the comic and get is signed by the creative team and Dick Masterson himself.  Visit Super Frat at and visit Dick Masterson at

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