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This December Image Comics presents the last night of New York’s most dangerous night club, FORGETLESS, courtesy of writer Nick Spencer and artists W. Scott Forbes, Marley Zarcone & Jorge Coehlo.

“FORGETLESS is akin to Rashomon in a night club, just with a lot more bullets,” Spencer said. “In a way, FORGETLESS may be the first action-thriller perfect for fans of the films ‘Go!’ and ‘Igby Goes Down’, especially with how Scott, Marley & Jorge’s styles each combine different aspects of indie and blockbuster action comics. FORGETLESS will certainly be a night to remember.”

In FORGETLESS Sonia and Sara, two struggling models turned professional killers, want to make sure their favorite night club goes out with a bang. The club’s final night features differing perspectives at the pen of Forbes, Zarcone & Coehlo, revealing there’s much more going on than anyone could ever expect.

Image Comics Vice-President Jim Valentino added, “Having worked with Nick on his EXISTENCE 2.0 and upcoming 3.0 series, I was very interested in seeing what he came up with next. Considering this combined with his extremely impressive roster of artists has me highly looking forward to what FORGETLESS has to offer.”

FORGETLESS #1 (of 5), a 32-page full color comic book for $3.50, will be in stores December 9th, 2009.

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