One of the things* I love about the current Power Girl series, is how much fun the team of Gray, Palmiotti, and Conner inject into the adventures of a heroine not quite of this world or dimension. The fourth installment of the series is no exception, as Power Girl and Terra check out a slasher flick, take on Godzilla, and have a run in with the boys from The Big Bang Theory.

Powergirl_Cv4COVER.jpgThe big story for this issue is an attack by the Fae folk on the Brooklyn Bridge.  The lead fairy spouts all the latest environmental speak in the tone of those who have been playing Dungeons and Dragons too long.  And that isn’t a reference to Rodrigo and the rest of the gang currently running their own podcast, that’s really how she speaks.  And it makes perfect sense once Power Girl figures out all the monsters and weirdness are  magical illusions cast by a Mundie who is trying to go all eco-terrorist on NYC.  Instead of giving the girl a big pounding, Kara ends up letting her go, and giving her a recommendation for possible job internship.

Yeah, it’s not much of a story when explained in a paragraph, and that’s okay.  The battle, while taking up the largest chunk of the issue, isn’t really the message flowing through the book.   Whether it is the nerdy 16-year-old who wants to save the planet, Terra fighting monsters in her underwear because she wasn’t wearing her costume under her real clothing, Kara trying to find the perfect apartment to call home, or even the awkward, yet hilarious exchange between Kara and Howard Wolowitz, it’s really about not quite fitting in, and the moments Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti use to highlight this theme is well executed.

I’m beginning to think Amanda Conner can do no wrong when it comes to art.  Her lines are tight, and she really has a grasp of the human form as a cartoon caricature.  Conner’s style really captures the art style I like when reading my comics, and I wish there was a lot more of her work out there to read.  If you liked the Archie Legion style from back in the day, then Conner is your go-to artist to bring that feeling back.  If a DC editor is reading this, and I’m pretty sure there is, get Conner on the next story arc of Legion of Super-Heroes and see how well it sells.

I like the done-in-one nature of this issue, as it gives readers a chance to breathe after the big Ultra-Humanite over-the-top story, yet sets us up for the next big Earth shaking event being built up for issue #5.  Even better, Gray and Palmiotti’s writing is fast paced and tight, so there’s really not a dull moment in the issue.  Even the in panel gags, and background material offer enough extra material to keep the eye from roaming or wandering around the page.

I honestly don’t know how much longer the Power Girl series will last. Two more issues for certain to make the trade count, but while the series continues to sell well above 30,000 copies per issue, it also continues to fall month after month, which is a complete shame because Power Girl has all the charm and charisma of a series that could and should be a Top 20 seller each month.  For those wanting a fun read in a time of undead DC heroes running around killing everyone, Power Girl #4 brings a smile and some fun and earns 4.5 out of 5 Stars.


*Those Matthyzpltk phrases don’t work on me, in case you were wondering.


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  1. I’m still unclear as to why Terra took off her skirt in the first place… It was a cute moment, sort of a “is this how we act when we’re superheroes?” moment, but I felt a bit awkward reading it…

  2. I dug the “alleyway quick-change” scene, because it helped further demonstrate how clueless Terra is about the “surface world”. She doesn’t have a secret identity, so she doesn’t get that her costume goes underneath it. Her “Auntie Karen” is getting all supered up, so she just does what Aunt K. does… But, due to the aforementioned “clueless” bit… Oops. And, like, she has no reservations about “nudity” as it pertains to the human body, so why would she differentiate between fighting in her skintight neoprene/spandex/whatever suit, and throwing down in her underoos? It was a “comedy” scene, granted, but, like, it’s funny cuz it’s ‘true’ inasmuch as anything in comics can be true. :)

    “Her lines are tight, and she really has a grasp of the human form as a cartoon caricature. Conner’s style really captures the art style I like when reading my comics, and I wish there was a lot more of her work out there to read.”

    I could not have said it better, so I didn’t. I stole your words. I just want to add, I guess, that her work reminds me of the “classic” Disney stuff, like Cinderella and even The Little Mermaid, but…. Well, with a bit more ass-kick, and a bit more “we know this ain’t just for kids”. Does that make sense in any realm besides ‘inside my head’? I want this book to stay around, but if it does not (which will be sad, no doubt about it) I have no fear that I’ll have to go long without some Conner-work. :)

  3. To add a teeny bit.. I don’t even mean that “ain’t just for kids” thing pertaining to Power Girl’s Wonder Twins… I mean to point out, for example, the eyes and the snarl in the above image. In my (admittedly feeble) mind, that’s a bit of grown-up frustrated rage/annoyance/something else. It conveys more than a simple “Grr! Me Angry!”.

  4. I’m loving this book so much I went and picked up the previous issues I missed last week. As my wife put it, “It’s sexy without being slutty.” And the fact that PG knows what guys are looking at makes for some funny moments.

    This is one of the few books I really like, but fear for. But as ling as the ride lasts, I’m gonna keep picking it up.

  5. I’m beginning to respect Amanda Conner like I do Julie Bell. So talented.
    I agree Stacy, I hadn’t intended to get hooked on this series, but it is witty, and it teases and pokes fun at the same time.
    I thought what happened to Terra after PG’s question: ‘you wearing your suit?’ was a funny twist on Mom’s classic advice: ‘always wear clean underwear’.

  6. The whole openning sequence was a brilliant “dig” or just a funny recap of all the event comics of the past year and current ones running. Dark Reign of Terror, “in a time of Crisis”, evil shape shifters, etc. I love this series. It is selling fine but is dropping a bit each month. Most drop back after the 1st issue but with #2 and #3 still selling over 30k i have hope we will see this level off. But you know what who cares I will enjoy every issue and hope we get more than a year or two. PG is fun and Amanda Conner is a wonderful artist. This creative team was my main reason for picking this title up and they have rewarded me so far and I don’t see that changing. Every one who reads Blackest Night books, I being one of them too, needs a book like this to make you laugh and see the lighter side of comics.

  7. hey, thanks for the great review and the sales, dont worry, the book is doing fine and if we keep getting support from people like you all and good word of mouth, we will be around for a long time…we hope!

    • hey, thanks for the great review and the sales, dont worry, the book is doing fine and if we keep getting support from people like you all and good word of mouth, we will be around for a long time…we hope!

      That’s what we like to hear. I imagine it’s hard to launch a title like this, lacking as it does Wolverine or a big crossover logo on the cover, but books like Power Girl add some much needed variety to our Wednesday afternoon bag o’ comics.

  8. This was my #1 read of the week. It’s nice to pick up a comic and plain ol’ just have fun. The same can be said for Hercules 132 the week before.

  9. The only book I enjoyed more last week was X-Factor. The latest Power Girl evenbeat out another Andreyko Manhunter short and if you told me four months ago THAT would happen I would have laughed!

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