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  1. Haven’t seen Green Lantern yet, but New Frontier is going to be hard to beat. It has the best art direction, best acting and the advantage of being an adaptation of a great book.

  2. I really liked New Frontier, but to be honest, I’m partial to Green Lantern mythos, so First Flight gets my vote.

  3. I don’t know if it’s just that I saw Green Lantern the most recently, but I went with that, thought New Frontier and Wonder Woman do come quite close

  4. New Frontier by a mile – it’s unique, and while it is rushed, it doesn’t have horrible logic flaws like Wonder Woman (ocean next to the Lincoln Memorial?) and has more likable characters than Green Lantern.

    Superman: Doomsday is the worst in my opinion. Absolutely terrible, from the forced PG-13 bits to the terrible portrayal of Luthor to the irritating structure of the Superman/Doomsday fight (those innocent bystander distractions completely killed what was otherwise a magnificent fight scene).

  5. I haven’t seen Green Lantern so Wonder Woman gets my vote, Gotham Knights had only 1 or 2 good stories, Doomsday didn’t have the League in it and the art in New Frontier wasn’t to my taste.

  6. I just saw first flight and it suffered from many of the same problems that superman/ doomsday did. My main problem with the movie was the rings felt underpowered, and the constructs weren’t inventive at all. The most creative thing you will see made in the movie is a fly swatter and nothing along the lines of what you see in the comic.

  7. I voted Justice League: New Frontier. The only one I haven’t seen is Batman: Gotham Knight. Superman: Doomsday was the first and probably the worst, but, in this case, not necessarily a bad thing, because, it seems they have learned from their mistakes and used that to their advantage in other movies.

    I just finished the Green Lantern movie as well, and its pretty close to JL. And I’m NOT a Hal Jordan guy. Here’s to hoping they’ll lead up to a Sinestro Corps War adaptation one day. That oath will always give me chills!

    Wonder Woman is underrated, first time I saw it, I didn’t like it, but after sitting down a second time to watch it, really enjoyed it.

  8. lifeisaglitch on

    Gotta agree with Websnap…BUT considering that Gotham Knight was a semi rushed side piece for the DK movie and that Frontier was based on an already existing work, and yet they still tie Bats had to get my vote.

    Actually no…Gotham Knight is just better imho…Frontier seemed a bit misguided now i think about it. It was a great comic because it used the medium so well, adapting it as a movie and leaving out so much stuff because of necessity and technical issues of the adaptive medium…well it sacrifices a lot of quality and it frankly feels misguided.

    So yeah on animation, plot and general super heroics i love them equally… and i do enjoy the distinctive styles of both movies(GK using several)…but GK is (once again imho) just better writing wise. In the end the ideas/products/points ends up coming through much cleaner since it the writing was meant for that medium from the beginning….And im a raving Batman fanboy…

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