Here’s a bit of pondering for you as you wait for the next exciting installment of the Major Spoilers Podcast: Who would win in a fight between Iron Man and Iron Fist?  Even though Tony Stark is encased head to toe in his Iron Man armor, with ever weapon known to man, the Iron Fist has a fist of iron, that can break and snap nearly anything with his Chi energies?


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  1. On paper, Iron Man. But in reality….?

    As long as his long range abilities are functional he could pick of Iron Fist from a distance. Problem is, Iron Fist could very well dodge repulsor blasts for a while, drawing on his Chi to rejuvenate his energy and add to his agility. Theoretically, Iron Man would have to move in close and try to finish it, and this is where Danny Rand would have the advantage. The longer the fight last, the more an advantage Iron Fist would have.

    BUT, I could see the final stroke like this. Danny wears down Tony and has him on reserve energy. Battered and bruise, but head not bowed, Iron Fist calls upon his power and strikes a devistating blow which ruptures Iron Man’s suit. As Danny walks away from his bitter victory, an automated failsafe to stop the armor from falling into the wrong hands explodes. Taking out Danny and insuring that Tony stays unconsious for a while longer.

    Winner – Draw!

  2. Depends on who’s writing the book, really. Actually, I’m a bit fuzzy on this, but I seem to remember they DID have a fight back in some 80s book. Maybe Marvel Tales or something? Meh. Mighta been What If?.

  3. typhoidhater on

    Is this fight using stupid Tony Stark as presented in his books current storyline? If so, definitely Rand.

  4. The Iron Giant. Or one of the Iron Chefs. Or the Man in the Iron Mask. Perhaps the daily reccomended amount of Iron in breakfast cerial?

    OK, I was stretching with that last one.

  5. Iron Fist has alot of news powers thanks to the teaching in the “Book of Iron Fist” he could easely focus is chi into an arrow that would go through Iron Man’s suit like it wasn’t there.

    Plus if Iron Man somehow gets the upper hand the other Immortal Weapons and former Heroes for Hire will come to is aid. Who is Stark gonna call for help? He has like 3 friends lefts in the whole world and most of them have problems of their own right now…

  6. In an open arena Iron Man would probably win it because of his long ranged attacks and Danny not having anywhere to take cover or being able to close in.

    On the other hand in just about any other situation I think Iron Fist would take the cake. His power, skill, and speed just far outmatch that of Iron Man without the Extremis virus.

  7. Oops. I voted for Iron Fist without reading b/c I thought it was who’s a better character. In a fight, Iron Man might be the safer bet.

  8. “Who is Stark gonna call for help? ”

    Probably the Ghostbusters. Crap, now I want a toasted marshmallow

  9. Danny Rand FTW. He’s best friends with Luke Cage and hangs out with other Immortal Weapons like Fat Cobra and Dog Brother #2. I’m a big fan of the character’s reinvention, and have long since dropped solo Iron Man titles from my pull list.

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