Aw yeah, Tiny Titans!

TITI_Cv17.jpgSorry, thought it best to get it out of my system now rather than later. Issue 17 of this wildly popular comic opens with Robin and Batgirl explaining to Duela Dent that there is a “No Clown” policy at their birthday party.

The book brings us six new humorous stories, the first titled “Mixin’ it Up” which features the oh-so-talented and oh-so-annoying Mr. Mxyzptlk. Raven summons him using her father’s book of spells and Mxyzptlk prepares to wreck havoc when Raven steals his hat and begins teasing him about his size (not that kind of “size”. Get your mind out of the gutter people!). The other titans debate amongst themselves wondering if Mxyzptlk is a leprechaun or an elf, and finally conclude that he is a baby since he won’t stop crying about his stolen hat. To make the situation more entertaining, Raven proceeds to summon Bat-Mite and points out that he is even smaller than Mxyzptlk. Tired of being ridiculed, Mxyzptlk vanishes only to be summoned repeatedly by Raven, purely for the Titans enjoyment.

The second story has the most delicious title; “Battle for the Cow”. A farm cow has seemingly stolen Bruce Wayne’s cape and cowl and Robin and Cyborg are sent to retrieve it. Beast Boy appears, and they inform him that Alfred won’t let them back into Wayne Manor until they have acquired it. Shifting into Super Beast Boy, our hero bravely faces the cow thief…and has his butt handed to him several times. Starfire and Bumblebee soon show up. Will they be able to get it back?

“Happy Birthday Robin” pokes fun of the ever changing costumes Dick Grayson has sported throughout the years. We watch as he unwraps present after present of past costumes featuring the many incarnations of Robin (Joel Schumacher version included) and Nightwing. The final costume gets the Titans vote but which one will it be?

“Shrink Shopping” finds the Atom family shopping with their mother and makes women everywhere wish they had mother Atom’s powers when she comes across a dress two sizes too small. Our next story finds Kid Flash, Robin and Cyborg having a very entertaining conversation about continuity and finally “Walking in the rain” showcases the different approach Alfred Pennyworth and Killer Croc take when going for a stroll on a wet day. This issues pin-up is a picture of Robin with Bat-Mite, Batgirl and Ace (or as Terry McGinnis would call him, “Bat-dog”) showing them the vicious cow thief.

I find the Tiny Titans series to be very charming and entertaining. I love the concept of portraying the Titans as children and placing them in funny situations that poke fun at iconic characters and current DC story lines. I also love that this is a book that my six year old niece could read and something we can share together as a family.

I always enjoy Art Baltazar and Franco’s writing and art for the series. The “Mixin’ it Up” story had me laughing the hardest. It was nice to see someone screw with Mxyzptlk for a change, and even funnier that it was a group of children belittling him. “Battle for the Cow” was equally as funny and the ending of ‘”Happy Birthday Robin” reminds us that sometimes our friends just want to mess with us and make us look like a fool. “Shrink Shopping” and the Titan’s pow wow concerning continuity were also very enjoyable. “Walking in the Rain” is easily the weakest not because of it’s short length, but because I just didn’t find it funny.

I give Tiny Titans #17 4 out of 5 Stars.



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  1. who is victoria and does she live in montreal… of course not

    i like tiny titans, but i prefer mini marvels much more. but i did only read the first trade or TT, so maybe it got better after that.

  2. Every time I hear the name “Tiny Titans,” I hear my old friend Pablo singing it to the tune of the Sanford and Son theme.

    “Tiny Titans! Tiny Titans doodeedoo… Tiny Titans! Tiny Titans dahdeedoo…”

  3. cool for so many reasons

    Victoria?…A Tiny Titans review? (seriously)…a Sanford and Son reference??

    This may be the greatest post on MS EVAR!!!

  4. Interesting, the picture of Supergirl Stephen posted is of the new reviewer.

    Good first review. Because its something completely different from what’s been reviewed on the site before. Adds more to the balance that the site does, which I love. Looking foward to more reviews.

    • Allen: Did you see what I did there? Huh? Huh? I did something we call in broadcasting – A Tease…

      And here’s another one. You better hope you are subscribed to the podcast before the weekend is out… I’m just sayin’ is all…

  5. ~wyntermute~ on

    holycrapicalledit~!! YOU DID HIRE A COSPLAY GIRL~!!!!
    *Falls over, stunned by own prescience* Stephen? Seriously. I want a prize. You have my email, I will be waiting. No, I’m not subbing to the podcast to get it. :oP

    Oh yeah, gotta be topical… Aw Yeah Victoria~! I loves me the Tiny Titans, and I’m glad somebody’s going to give these li’l runts their share of the spotlight!! Aw Yeah TIIIITAAANSS! (I <3 Principal Slade!!) :oD

  6. wyntermute: Principal Slade ROCKS! lol Thanks for the feedback everyone and for the welcome; I am BEYOND excited to be writing for MS! Love you, Stephen!

  7. Hey Honey!!! I love what wyntermute said … you should steal that. Aw Yeah Victoria!!!! lol

    Awesome interview baby. You rock!

    (I gotta get signed up with the pod cast so i can hear your interveiw.)

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