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Barely forty eight hours after release SAVAGE DRAGON #149, featuring the major debut of the deadly Dart, faces a complete distribution-level sellout just as creator Erik Larsen announces his subsequent issue’s milestone expanding from sixty four  to one hundred pages with no increase in price.

“I knew Dart was going to be a big deal for SAVAGE DRAGON and it looks like fans reacted well,” Larsen said. “She’s going to be playing a very significant role in the road ahead, especially in the fallout of our monster sized next issue. #150 will prove to be a major turning point in the live of our Chicago’s finest, so much so that keeping it at sixty four pages wasn’t enough. Fans who jumped on with Dart’s appearance will be very happy with the bulked up hundred page issue.”

While SAVAGE DRAGON has gained an increased audience after its highly publicized relaunch several months ago, SAVAGE DRAGON #149 exceeded the previous sell through with its fastest distribution level sellout to date.  In addition, even though a second printing will be released with SAVAGE DRAGON #150 this July, first printings of SAVAGE DRAGON #149 may still be available at your local comic book store. SAVAGE DRAGON #150 will now not only feature an extra length thirty-page lead story and the previously announced all-new back up stories with Thor, Vanguard and Chris Giarrusso’s G-Man, but also the long lost origin of the Golden Age Daredevil by Charles Biro and the out of print origin of SAVAGE DRAGON.

SAVAGE DRAGON #149 2nd Printing (MAR098163), a 32-page full color comic book for $3.50, will be in stores July 1st, 2009 to coincide with SAVAGE DRAGON #150 (MAY090295), a 100-page full color comic book for $5.99.

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