Marvel dropped the pebble in the pool this week, with the announcement that Steve Rogers would be the latest hero to pass through Death’s Revolving Door and make his return in Captain America: Reborn.

While it may not have been a huge surprise, thanks to Marvel’s numerous efforts to tease the return, it did cause quite a stir among the comic book fans.  Which brings us to the latest Major Spoilers Poll of the Week!

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  1. While it’s not much of a shock, I’m curious about how long it will take for him to return to the Captain America comics after Reborn. Will he retake his indetity as Cap or leave it to Bucky? Let’s keep in mind that one of the reasons he chose Bucky to replace him in case of his death was to save him, seeing how things are going well for Buckycap Steve may stay hidden and help him out from the shadows.

    Theories on resurrection: time displaced thanks to what the Skull did with Doom’s time device or fifties cap ending with cap soul/spirit/mind somehow.

  2. Bucky Cap is just now getting into the hands of other writers.

    I like the idea of Bucky Cap but at the same time I love Steve Rogers.

    In the present Dark Chocolate Reign in the Marvel U I’m not sure where Steve Rogers fits, unless its to tear down this status quo and replace it with another.

    Wasnt Steve Nomad for awhile?

  3. Since it’s called Captain America Reborn and not Steve Rogers Reborn, I think it’s a safe bet he’ll be Captain America, especially since that’s how they’re portraying it in the press release.

    Also, from interviews I’ve read, the parts about saving Bucky and there being a new Captain America were meant as separate things.

    I think his return will be the first step in bringing down Norman Osborn. I can’t see Cap sitting idly by and not doing something about it. Of course, he also has some legal issues to contend with.

    Is it a coincidence that Marvel’s “Big Three” are all in a form of legal trouble? Thor’s been banished from Asgard, Stark’s on the run to keep the list out of Osborn’s hands, and Cap will have to deal with his actions in Civil War. Any way, it’s all going to end with Cap yelling “Avengers Assemble” and handing Norman and his Dark Avengers their collective a$$e$.

  4. Marvel has a “Big 3”? I had no idea…
    You’d think Wolverine would be one of them, I mean he’s in like half of every Marvel comic book.

  5. Brent from Bloomington" on

    It makes sense from a Dark Reign standpoint. Maybe this is the rallying cry that will take the marvel universe back to te pre-civil war days.
    However, Buckycap is still producing good stories. It was a logical progression, and I think its more interesting to see his story explored than to bring back Steve.
    Bucky is fresh and new, bringing back old cap is inevitable, but give it some time or his death has no weight. 5 years is a good length. This feels like a step backward to me. It makes it feel like Marvel is trying to correct a mistake instead of let the story grow organically. Its like they can only keep him dead for so long before caving in to fans expectations.

  6. Kurt Fenreer on

    Since everything Marvel has put out since Civil War started has been retconning itself from issue to issue, perhaps they’ll just do the “Newhart Ending” and have Steve Rogers wake up from a bad dream. Sure, it won’t happen, and Marvel will keep up their Shark Jumping Marathon, but wouldn’t a return to stability be nice?

    • Since everything Marvel has put out since Civil War started has been retconning itself from issue to issue, perhaps they’ll just do the “Newhart Ending” and have Steve Rogers wake up from a bad dream. Sure, it won’t happen, and Marvel will keep up their Shark Jumping Marathon, but wouldn’t a return to stability be nice?

      Return to stability implies that there was stability in the title, something that hasn’t been true since Mark Gruenwald died. Don’t get me wrong, I like what Brubaker has done, but the last fifteen years have featured no fewer than five Cap reboots, AND a previous death of Steve Rogers, as I recall.

  7. Well they could hardly release a Captain America film in 2011 and not have Rogers re-established by then…

  8. NoGovtCheeseHandouts on

    Voted ‘too soon” because I thought it was a smart move from Marvel to have Steve Rogers killed off, or at least be out of the picture, just in time for the 2008 Presidential Election because there would have been a never ending tug-of-war on him choosing sides even though the character is supposed to be a apoltical and non-partisan. The sight of seeing other comic book characters siding with President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama I can handle, but a symbol of Nationalism the likes of Steve Rogers palling around with BHO would be so over the top silly and really, really question why I should even continue buying comics anymore to support Marvel and other biased comic book companies. Having never really been political up until the last election, it really opened my eyes and a big awakening to my worldview.
    Having Bucky take on the mantle of Captain America was a great idea even though I still believe that Marvel giving him a a sidearm was really more a ruse to project a silly attempt to ridicule the “so-called redneck Right Wing extremsim” mentality.
    Captain America used to a be badass fighting America’s enemies like Hitler and Nazis…at first using small arms weapons and then resorting solely on non-lethal methods: his Shield and un-armed combat skills. Now, with a wimpy Pacifist Pres-Elect in Office as Commander In Chief, we may see him following silly messianic Pacifist ways and follow the ways of appeasement. Will have to wait and see. There is only one true Messiah, all others are imposters and false prophets.

  9. Kurt Fenreer on

    I’m old, Matthew. The Grue Days are the ones I’m yearning for. Well, those and a time machine to go back and force Marvel to keep the first Waid-Garney run going.

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