We talked about Fan Films on one of the previous Major Spoilers Podcasts, and I’m always amazed at what fans can put together when given enough time and passion.

This trailer for a never to be made Green Lantern film has Nathan Fillion playing Hal Jordan, and if the final movie is half as good as this trailer, then I’ll be happy.

Take the jump for a breakdown of shots.

This is my vision for a Green Lantern movie with Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan. He won’t be Hal for real, but all the more reason for a fan trailer!

Shots I adapted from the following movies, tv shows, and trailers:
Planet of the Apes
Serenity Trailer
Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Stardust Trailer
The Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring
Dragonball Evolution Trailer
Galaxy Quest
The Fountain Trailer
Superman Returns Trailer
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Justice League TAS
GI Joe Trailer
Star Trek Enterprise
Star Wars Episode III
The Mutant Chronicles Trailer
Iron Man
Star Trek Trailer
Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Cutscene
The Chronicles of Riddick
Kamen Rider
Bedtime Stories
Escape from Witch Mountain Trailer
The Matrix Revolutions
The Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian
White Noise 2

Special Thanks to Mike Afford for a few brief clips from his Fan Trailer including the final logo:

Zbrush Forum Artists: Gnom, rinals, BladeFlush & Muyu for character model bases (for Tomar-Re & Galius Zed) Logo design by Lepios.

Voice Audio clips from Justice League TAS, The Batman, Battle for Terra Trailer, Justice League: The New Frontier, and The Lord of the Rings.

The music is “Forces of Destiny” and “Freedom Fighters” by Two Steps from Hell.
You may recognize “Freedom Fighters” from the the recent “Star Trek” trailer.

This is an independent, non-profit, artistic expression created purely for fun and is in no way connected to, or endorsed by Warner Bros. or DC Comics.


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  1. I love the includence of Ch’p and especially the “Sounds like some superhero, ‘Captain Tightpants’ bulls**t to me” line (from White Noise 2). Fits perfectly for the theme of the story.

  2. For the actual movie… I expect nothing less than this. They had better deliver… because this trailer sure did. Awesome work.

  3. That was fantastic…unfortunately they will probably have some dilweed in charge of the film, instead of someone who actually knows how to pull things off like this trailers creator. Its guys like this who should have a crack at hollywood. That was great.

  4. George McBain on

    (In a Peter Griffin voice) That was … AWESOME!

    Where/how did they pull in the “other lanterns”? I am pretty sure the squirrel was from one of the Narnia movies.

  5. Sign me up!!

    That was awesome.

    Why can’t Hollywood do this kind of thing more often. They had a great animated series in Speed Racer, threw the Wachowski Bros at it and failed miserably.

  6. In a way, making something that looks this good from other, often unrelated resources is even more creative than simply shooting actors on a green screen. If I saw this trailer in the theater, I would totally watch it again when I got home.

  7. I had the hardest time convincing my girlfriend that this wasn’t going to be a real film and that a fan made it. She was really surprised and said she would actually go and see it, and she doesn’t even share my (our) love for comic books!

  8. Rayne and Rath on

    O My Sweet good Land You are such a %#%&$#@$%& I thought for a Min DAMN
    argh Why why could that not be real He would make a great Hal Jordon

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