As the saying goes, “You can’t keep a good man down,” and that is so true when it comes to the Blue Beetle.  DC is starting to come around to the backup story in comics, by adding the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle to the Booster Gold series.  The backups will be written by Matt Sturges, with Mike Nortan taking on the art duties.

In the first installment, Jaime Reyes has a friendly lunch interrupted by a marauding 50-foot robot. Sound like a fun break? Didn’t think so.

DC canceled the fan loved Blue Beetle series a while ago, so it is good to see the hero return to comics in a regular way.  And even though some people don’t think backup stories are that important in a comic book, if I can get two stories, and 40-pages, of reading, it sure makes the coming price hike worthwhile.  Plus I’m already buying Booster Gold, so it is like getting a mini-comic for free.

The Blue Beetle backup story, which I can only guess to be 8-pages, begins in Booster Gold #21.

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  1. I collected the recent Blue Beetle series from start to finish and loved it but I’m not interested enough in Booster Gold to warrant buying this.
    Shame really

  2. ~wyntermute~ on

    I am a fan of the Blue _and_ of the Gold, so this is one-stop shopping for my broke-@$$ joke self. :D I remembered one of the recent DC Nation (or whathellever that column they xerox for every release of any given month is called) when Dan-D was outlining who was pairing with whom, and it was long ago enough that expected THIS month’s Booster Gold to have a backup Beetle feature. I was kinda curious as to “Wha happen?” (any fans of “A Mighty Wind” here?) when it wasn’t present, but I am glad to see the plans are still on. VERY glad they’re increasing the page count, too. Woooot~!

  3. Wow. You know, I have loved the Blue Beetle stuff on the Brave and the Bold cartoon. I just cant imagine this character is going to be without his own book forever.

  4. ~wyntermute~ on

    Y’know, with the grassroots popularity of Jaime Reyes, I’m half-wondering if DC is keeping him as an “ace in the hole”. Like, they killed his series, sure, but maybe it was more due to lack of QUALITY stuff and consistent artists/writers? (seriously I have no clue, so that is pure and innocent speculation.) Like, when they finally get somebody awesome to take up the pens and pencils, they will relaunch Blue Beetle and it will be #1 monthly! Okay, I kinda got caught up in the moment, but anyway… I’ve made my point. :)

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