For all of us who are not on the grant morrison band wagon, this upcoming documentary might clear some things up.

For the rest of you who already know every minuscule part of grant’s life, this will probably not be new to you.  Of course there’s always the chance the documentary won’t agree with your world view of the comic book creator, in which case you’ll probably insult the intelligence of the film makers.

Sequart and Respect! Films are prodcuing a documentary about legendary comic book writer Grant Morrison. Morrison has written virtually every major comic book franchise, from Batman to Superman to X-Men, and created many new properties, including the seminal comic book series THE INVISIBLES. This documentary is the first in depth look at his life and work in film, and features unresricted access to the man himself.

A significant amount of material has already been shot, with more shoot dates to come. Look for the film to be released sometime in 2010. It is directed by Patrick Meaney, shot by Jordan Rennert and produced by Amber Yoder.

If you would like to become a producer on this project, send an inquiry to

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  1. ~wyntermute~ on

    “in which case you’ll probably insult […]”

    I _love_ a heaping bowl of Snarky Flakes when I sit down at the computer. Well done! :D Needless to say, I will be skipping this d-mentary on g-mo.

  2. Can’t wait to see the full documentary. Even if I don’t understand or fully comprehend all of his thought process, he’s clearly DC’s most creative and original talent.

    BTW, Stephen, capitalize Grant Morrison’s name. I know you didn’t like Final Crisis because it was too smart and high brow for you, but this is getting beyond immature for fanboy’s standards and annoying in general. Grow up.

  3. ~wyntermute~ on

    “Jim Says:
    Oh, I love “Trainspotting!” They’re doing a sequel?”

    You win.

    “Stephen Schleicher Says:
    Agreed. It’s his website, and he’ll decry g-mo if he wants to. Decry if he wants to. Decrryyy if he wants to. You would decry too, if it happened to you. Besides, it, like “Luthor Dollars” and “Superboy Prime Punch~!”, is part of the “atmosphere” that makes this place unlike CBJ or CBR or whatever the other _c_omic _b_ook sites call themselves. Hey hey hey~! It’s Fan Albert!!! (Wow, this is a highly concentrated mass of silly. If you read this far, you get a cookie.)

  4. ~wyntermute~ on

    Albert: If you cannot comprehend or understand all of g-mo’s whosits and doodads, how can you say with such certainty that he is “clearly” anything? It doesn’t sound like you can even understand all his philosophies “clearly”, and that kinda crimps your style, G. “Creative” and “original” can also apply to that one monkey that, unlike the rest of the monkeys, likes to roll in his crap before flinging it. It helps to understand what you are praising before you light the torches of Awesome, mon ami. Now, take note: I am NOT disparaging _any_ of his ideas (that ‘crap’ analogy was not a hidden snipe), so don’t even accuse me of drinking Haterade. It’s just that, well, you ain’t make a very strong case for your fanitude. In fact, it sounds kinda like blind admiration — something many mo-heads are known for.

    (The preceding post was not meant to incite flame wars or raise hackles (or touch cockles) of any sort. It is an attempt to get the original speaker to consider and perhaps even expound upon the reasons for his value judgement of g-mo. After all, it was “immature and stuff” of ‘us’ to not capitalize, so please demonstrate the maturity we lack and lead by example. The opinions contained therein are NOT those of Major Spoilers, Incorporated. All typos are intentional, all mangled-grammar is comedic, all personal liberties taken are in good-humour. All rights reserved, The Wyntermute Group. MCXMMSVISG-Unit. This disclaimer, as well as this joke, has gone on long enough; yes I suck with roman numerals.)

  5. ~wyntermute~ on

    I was wingin’ it. I didn’t have time to contact your legal team for verification when I was ranting-on-the-fly like that. :D When is the IPO, anyway? In this economy pretty much _any_ investment is a risk, so why not bet on a horse that I at least LIKE, neh? :D

  6. I’d watch this out of curiousity and to see what other ideas he’s put out on his smorgasbord of ‘pop culture/magic’.
    However, the fact that they seem to have thought it necessary to subtitle his frankly quite transparent accent does not indicate that they are aiming too high with their target audience…

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