Manhattan is under attack from a swarm of tick-toc robots.  To make matters worse, there is some kind of psychic attack going on at the same time that is causing the populace to turn on each other.  With Superman off world, Batman apparently dead, the JSA is in Chicago, the JLA in shambles, and the Green Lanterns in deep space dealing with their Rainbow Bright issues, who you gonna call?  That’s right, the girl with the boobs.

PWRG_Cv1.jpgThe Terra/Power Girl series from DC gave Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, and Amanda Conner a chance to prove that Power Girl can be a solid hero that isn’t all mopey over her found again/lost again Earth-2 and her issues with that other Supergirl.  With quick witted writing, and stunningly good art, the mini-series quickly became a must read at Major Spoilers Corporate HQ.  With a new ongoing, it once again returns to the top of the stack (even if this review is a week late).

I don’t claim to know everything about every DC character out there.  Sure, I can crack open the DC Encyclopedia if I want a quick backstory, but unless there is something drastically out of continuity, I can go with the flow.  That’s the case with Karen Starr and her Starrware Labs.  At some point in time, she actually had a company that that worked to build a better world. Powergirl has decided to get over her past hang-ups and get a fresh new start by settling in the city that never sleeps, and start her business anew.

These flashback moments are really well done, as not only do we get to see Karen interacting with everyday people, readers also get some very funny moments involving Karen asking a prospective employee to stop playing with her globes.  These moments not only give Gray and Palmiotti a chance to stretch their legs in the Funny-Ha-Ha department, it gives Amanda Conner a chance to show off her fantastic art skills and knowledge of camera angles and placement to make the cute moments cute, and intense moments more intense.

And the intense moments are well done as well, as Power Girl blows through robot after robot, until she is lifted into the mother ship and comes face to face with the Ultra Humanite.  This reveal was the only bit of writing disappointment in the issue.  Most of us know who the Ultra Humanite is, but for those who don’t, Power Girl’s inner monologue reveals the name of the villain.  So why did the writers insist on having Power Girl proclaim his name?  It’s redundant writing that is redundant.

Turns out that big albino ape is hoisting the entire island of Manhattan into the air and holding it hostage simply to get Power Girl to give her body over so the villain can transfer his brain into her. The series is called Power Girl, and not Ultra Humanite Girl, so I’m pretty sure she’s going to save the day and her body before it’s all over.

But it isn’t the action, that I’m in this series for.  I’m more interested in the quiet moments – those moments when Karen isn’t battling 50 foot monsters, but dealing with her life outside of the windowed costume.  Power Girl #1 is a really good start to something that could become a great series if given the chance.  Solid writing, and awesome art earn Power Girl #1 a solid 4.5 out of 5 Stars.



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  1. I ordered this series on the basis of the TERRA mini. Looks like it’s gonna be fun! BTW did anybody think it odd that a feminist like PG stood by (in TERRA) and never asked Dr Mid-Nite why he needed to get Terra naked to get a DNA sample?

  2. I’ve not very familiar with Powergirl but I’m kind of intrigued by the fact she’s Supergirl…but not, aspect of her character. Based on this, and other reviews. I might pick it up.
    (Plus, as a Witchblade reader, I’m an expert at explaining to my wife why I’m reading comics about girls with large breasts. so no worries there.)
    I remember going to Edinburgh Comic Convention years ago (about 1990 ish) when I was about 17 and just into comics, Adam Hughes draw me a sketch of Powergirl. It took him about 30 seconds and it was amazing.

  3. Brent from Bloomington on

    I just think its interesting how much the robots look like the Big Daddies from Bioshock.

  4. Karen said that this wasn’t Humanite MO (to much hardware), my guess is that the “would be employee” Bevlin is behind his hardware, he was talking about behavior modifying gear in this very issue.
    I hope not cause that would be way too obvious, with PG saying that guys like Bevlin turn ito UH and all.

    Great issue anyway, I loved the scene when she lifts Dexter’s chin so he looks at her face and not her chest without even looking at him.

  5. Yeah, Ultra Humanite does mention an employee of sorts when he said “they promised me the world in exchange for you” something like that.

    To those new to Power Girl I HIGHLY recommend JSA Classified #1-4. You’ll learn all about her and her many histories and her (IMO) arch nemesis. The Psycho Pirate

  6. Power Girl is a quality read, and I give DC props for trying to put her in a prominent role in the DCU, even if they have done a “Fat Monica” on her regarding her pectoral excellence.

    Amanda Connor’s art is a big selling point, though, and I don’t know if I’ll keep reading the book if it falls to Bart Sears or Paul Pelletier or something.

  7. DMC thanks for the lead to JSA Classified! I’ll definitely get those. Have you guys seen Tawnya Manion as PG at Blinky Productions? Check YouTube. DC needs to hire this girl and produce a big boo- er, budget movie!

  8. Wow! I was shocked (I say SHOCKED!) by your review because I was utterly underwhelmed by the first issue. It felt to me like any issue of the “New Defenders” back in the 80s in that everything was by the numbers predictable lame-o. Ok, maybe “New Defenders” is too cruel…how about “Blue Devil”? Anyway, it was like a pilot for a show on the CW. Rush rush minor villans dispose of quickly, set up the new building, new life, new cast of characters, new focus on her personal life and then dun dun DUNNNNNN….big villian on the last page. Not bad. Not good. Just whatever.

    That said, of course I’m sticking around. I was looking forward to this book. As far as I’m concerned it’s only the first issue and an Earth-2 character, so I’ll gladly waste my money. At least for awhile.

    But 4 1/2 stars? Wow. Still Wow! Holy Wow!

  9. ~wyntermute~ on

    HEY~!!!!! Don’t you say NOTHING bad about the Blue Devil. Seriously. I will get out my trident and hunt you down, then return you to the hell from which you were (obviously, since you don’t like B.D.) spawned! And, like, yeah, it might be a bit “formulaic”, this first issue…. But, um, to establish a life for a character who’s previous life has been “All effed up, and then the JSA nearly full-time”, it’s not a bad paint-by-numbers beginning. It might not be that the format was worth 4.5 stars, but the execution of said “predictable” format? I dunno, I didn’t think it was that predictable to start with, beyond the “okay, so she needs to set up a ‘real life'” thing, and I predicted _that_ mostly because of her advice to Terra in that mini-series. (“Kid, you need a secret identity in this biz. You can’t be ‘Terra’ 24/7.” or words to that extent.)

  10. ~wyntermute~ on

    (Oh, forgot to add the :) face after my threat to return Dave to his hell of origin. I’m just being silly, but still… The Blue Devil is one of my favorite characters and comics of all time. :D I got crazy for a second! Forgive me!)

  11. Forgiveness for wishing me to return to my “hell of origin”?! Shit! You go experience my marriage and tell me that’s a fitting punishment. :) Let me just say I, too, own every issue of the original Blue Devil series and annual and even that crappy afterthought appearance in the last issue of DC Comics Presents. And I liked him too.

    If anyone’s looking for me, I’ll be in the Witness Protection Program.

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