Is it any surprise that H’wood is already working on a sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine?  The movie more than paid for itself over the weekend, prompting 20th Century Fox to begin development on the story that will be set in Japan focusing on the samurai/Yakuza storyline.

I think the biggest problem with this idea, is it’s a 20th Century Fox idea.   The best Marvel Comics movies that have come out in the last decade have been the movies produced and distributed through Marvel.  I don’t know how much money 20th Century Fox would want in the deal, but Marvel really should be doing everything it can to get all of is properties back under the Marvel roof and do it their way – it may not be the best way, or the right way, but it would be the better way.

What say you, Major Spoilers Legion?  Would you be willing to go back to the theater to see Wolverine II: Electric Boogaloo?

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  1. Stephen i agree 100% dont know what it’ll take to get their proprities back but thay should be trying like all hell. Seems thats the only way we’ll get a Deadpool movie ture to its comic counterpart. it would be nice to see an X-Men movie done right(and id kill to see a X-Men Vs Avengers(ULTIMATE WAR) on the big screen. But i don’t mind fox doing a passable Wolverine in Japan movie as long as they keep it far far away from Brett Ratner, What’s keeping Brian Singer from coming back to the x movies anyway?

  2. Lifeisaglitch on

    I couldn’t agree more. But i applaud Fox for at least picking a good setting for the sequel. I always found the Japanese oriented (no offensive pun seriously) Wolverine stories to be some of the best.

  3. MaximusRift on

    What? People are actually seeing this movie? I thought that illegal copy made so that it wouldn’t make money? ;)

    My knee-jerk reaction to a sequel would be “no”, but ended up watching this one, didn’t I? I would like Marvel to not do the sequel and get its properties back. However, current Marvel has made decisions that I despise so I wouldn’t put it past them to go ahead and do the sequel where he walks over ninjas, samurai and yakuza and marginalizes some other Marvel character. Hell, while your at it, finish putting him in very other book. How about Wolverine and the Fantastic Four followed by Wolverine and Iron Fist?

  4. they need to let him go. there’s 4 movie about him already. time to do something else. deapool sound good. there were talk about a magneto origin too.

  5. ~wyntermute~ on

    Willing to go to a sequel? Man, I wasn’t even willing to go to THIS one. Yawnverine isn’t exactly my idea of $10 well-spent. :) The reason I liked the FIRST three X-movies was because of the OTHER characters.

  6. Not sure Fox will want to let go of a cash cow. But I blame this film on Jackman. He wanted that director and was one of the main producers. So lets point some figures at the star. He’s a solid actor but let the other boys make the films. And next time hire a guy who knows his way around an action scene.

  7. ugh….please dear God not fox studios…..please Marvel if you are reading this take your freaking rights back!!!!

    surely someone out there can think of a campaign for marvel to buy back its rights

    1. such as sending photos of bea arthur pleading marvel to buy back the rights to deadpool or something?

    2.Perhaps a petition sent to marvel to buy back ALL its film rights? you know kind of like how JERICHO got back on air by the fans sending in peanuts…


  8. I agree, Marvel should work to get its properties back under its own control. That said, I don’t want a bunch of reboots! The first two X-Men movies were fine. The last thing I want to see is new actors in a new continuity, just so Marvel can throw them into an Avengers movie.
    I hear they plan on rebooting Fantastic Four too, which I also think is WAY too soon. Yes, the movies sucked, but work with what you have!

    As for a Wolverine 2, I say NO. The movie was so soulless, just characters thrown in for no reason but to “please” fanboys (Emma Frost as Silverfox’s sister? Er, no) and plot points happening just to keep it moving. And don’t get me started on ‘Weapon XI’.
    If the post-credits ending of Wolverine in Japan is any indication of what to expect in the sequel, I won’t be seeing it.

  9. MaximusRift on


    I disagree. I feel that reboot are in order for almost all their franchises and part of that stems from legal terms. A reboot make the story all theirs. No pandering to producer that probably don’t know anything about the franchise other than maybe an episode of the animated stuff. Also more of the profits would go to Marvel in a reboot. The other part of why I’d want reboots’ are because some of the stories need to be retold. FF story was all over the place, X-Men should have the title “The Wolverine Story” added to all 3 movies and do I really have to say anything about Daredevil?

    P.S. : Sorry about the double post.

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