This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast, the Crew is happy to welcome Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener of Atomic Robo to talk about the character and the brand new mini-series.

Depicting the adventures of the eponymous fictional character created by 8-Bit Theater writer Brian Clevinger and artist Scott Wegener, Atomic Robo began as a six issue mini-series published by Red 5 Comics starting in October 2007. It was nominated in the “Best Limited Series” category of the 2008 Eisner Awards. The first six issues of the series have been collected as Atomic Robo Volume 1: Atomic Robo and the Fightin’ Scientists of Tesladyne. Atomic Robo Volume 2: Atomic Robo and the Dogs of War was released as a trade paperback in February 18, 2009. The third series Atomic Robo Volume 3: Atomic Robo and the Shadow From Beyond Time, is out now.

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  1. Lifeisaglitch on


    Mr. Wegener, Mr. Clevinger lets talk pulp, sci-fi and alternative history.
    What were your inspirations for Atomic Robo?
    Please drift out in a way too long conversation regarding obscure sci-fi movies and radio dramas if you please…seriously i feed on that stuff.

    Also you guys are awesome and everything about AR from the name and the settings, too the moods and characters could not be done greater in any way both writing and art-wise! You just keep doing it and il keep reading it!

    Also superimposing the faults of respected historic figures like HP Lovecraft and Thomas Edison…Well i love it!

  2. 1) What are the prospects of an Atomic Robo ongoing in the future or are you happy with the miniseries model you’ve currently been using?

    2) After seeing some indie creators like Jamie McKelvie doing more mainstream work at Marvel recently, do either of you have any plans to pursue higher profile work or are you content being your own bosses and working on Atomic Robo at Red 5?

    3) Chocolate or peanut butter?

  3. This is one for Brian only:

    The end of 8-Bit Theater seems to draw near. Is it really going to end? And if it does, will you start a new Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday project?

  4. Hi, guys. I’d be interested in hearing a little more about your iPhone experiences. I publish some of my own projects through iVerse and have noticed a lot of Atomic Robo there too. Are you finding much success with bringing comics to mobile devices? Would you ever creating exclusive content for that particular medium?

    Love Robo and I, oh so deeply, love Scott W’s facial hair.

  5. Andrew Norris on

    Hello gentlemen. Are you having anythoughts about making a Atomic Robo animated series? Just wondering, as the comic looks like it would eventually have one.

  6. KnucklesZero on

    I’ve noticed that your other recent project, Warbot in Accounting features… well, obviously another robot. I was wondering if this was some sort of shift in the sort of stuff you’re interested in making or a longstanding thing.

    This next bit isn’t related to Atomic Robo at all really, but I was curious where Black Mage’s class upgrade outfit is from seeing as I can’t place it. Did you guys or someone you know do some custom work?

    Oh, and remember that time when Thief’s ninja outfit was red?

  7. William Davis on

    I like the work being done on Atomic Robo. This question if for Brian though. (Sorry Scott, I’m a hardcore 8BT fan.) In the future would there be a possibility that 8 Bit Theater could ever be published after it’s completion? Possibly a collection of hardbacks or comics themselves?

  8. David Sanders on

    Love the comic. It’s the only one I’m interested in right now.

    Is Robo still the exact same robot that Mr. Tesla invented? Or has he made any modifications?

    What’s up with Stephen Hawking messing with Robo in the Mars issue?

    What does Robo’s voice sound like?

    Thank you Team Robo for making a great comic.

  9. Brian, do you have any advice on writing webcomics? Also could you give me a snarky retort to former fans of 8-Bit that claim they stopped reading because “it had too many words” or “was too long”?

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