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  1. So, either Gimp!Batgirl has decided to be all smiles and sunshin, or Babs Gordon has stolen her costume, or Babs has stolen her body, or this is all one ultra-gigantic swerve.

    Whatever it is, I’m going to go lie in a ditch and pretend to be dead until the rampaging fanboys have stopped shrieking for blood.

  2. Wouldn’t mind if it was sill Cassandra. If it’s a new girl, I say Stephanie Brown?
    I just hope they don’t drag it out about who the new Batgirl is in the first arch. They should tell us at the end of BFTC #3……right?

  3. Stephanie makes sense, but I doubt it’s Cassandra she just deosn’t smile all that much. Heck it could be Harley for all we know.

  4. Katzedecimal on

    Please tell me that’s just a colourist’s error and that the mask is not really stapled to her face? @_@

  5. I agree w/ DMC…it’s former Spoiler, Stephanie Brown. Should the next spoiler poll be who the better batgirl was…or have they done that one?

  6. Lifeisaglitch on

    The monkey-looking dude from The Boys liked her better in her previous state…Cookie for the one that gets what im hinting at.

  7. LIAG – you’re doing the whole ‘cut a hole into the bottom of a popcorn bucket’ thing, aren’t you?

  8. Whoever’s in that pic definitely has Charlie’s attitude and the build is about right, but there’s not a freckle to be found.

    Definitely not Steph’s build (she’s much more compact), and I can’t ever imagine her standing in a pose like that (waaay too look-at-me-world for a girl whose whole shtick is to be covered from head to toe and stay in the shadows).

    Not Babs, as the build is too slight and she’s =always= worn bright shades of red lipstick.

    I’m leaning strongly “someone else”, with oops-we-forgot-her-freckles Misfit a close second.

  9. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess Catwoman. It seems the new rash of titles rolling out June – Aug. feature ‘repurposed’ members of the Batman family. They’re basically replacing the recently cancelled books with new look versions of the same characters. Catwoman got her book canned. Just a thought.

  10. Brother129 on

    C’mon guys…everyone knows that’s Tim Drake in that costume. It took the Final Crisis to finally get in touch with himself…

  11. I agree with Scott. With that pose and smirk it seems to me that it would be a perfect fit if Catwoman was in the suit.

  12. Scott & Spyke seem to have the right idea (and it is one which I love the sound of), but I’ll also guess that it might be Steph “Went From Being ‘Cluemaster’s Daughter’ to ‘Robin’s On-And-Off Girlfriend’ And Yet Is Still Considered A Well-Rounded Character Rather Than Just Another Dull Blonde Teen Heroine” WoopsIForgotYourSurname, aka Spoiler. The lilac/purple background is a bit suggestive.

  13. Catwoman as Batgirl?? Please no. And I feel like Selina would rather claw the Barbara-clone to death rather than be demoted to ‘-girl’. If she had to be a Bat- character, she’s more than earned the Batwoman title.

    I’m still hoping it’s Misfit (come on, the freckles would be a dead giveaway!). Anyone else and I’ll be disappointed. I feel like Misfit has all the fun qualities that made people love Barbara, and it being Barbara herself would be doing her an injustice.

    But people who are saying it’s Bette Kane might be on to something. Now that we know what the new Batgirl looks like (sort of), I must say she does resemble the Batgirl in Nightwing’s Origins & Omens. As I highly doubt he’d make out with a minor (Misfit) or his new sister (Cass), Bette’s a pretty good bet. Unless that was Babs and was supposed to be an ‘origin’ moment.

  14. Also, I don’t think the mask is stitched to her face lol. It’s obvious that she just ripped off Cass’s mouthpiece.
    I can totally see Misfit ripping it off so that she could talk more.

    It’s weird, I’ve never been a big Misfit fan, but suddenly I really like the idea of her being Batgirl. Would make an interesting change of pace to the Bat-titles that have been so dark and dreary for the past few years. Even Dick and Tim have gone all emo.

  15. If it were Babs, I’m sure she’ll get out of the wheelchair at some point, you’d think she’d be wearing her old costume. So would Mysfit now that I think about it, here’s a crazy thought what about Ravager? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Rose Wilson in that exact same pose in the Teen Titans comics.

  16. ~wyntermute~ on

    If Misfit, it might be an attempt to make her a little more serious…. Perhaps setting her happy, shiny “Robin-esque” demeanor in the “Gloomy Batgirl” costume (as opposed to something more inspired by her current mentor, Babs), and making her a valued assistant to He Who Wins The Cowl? It’d be like a bit of character rehabilitation, I guess. We’d end up with a female version of Tim, if all goes well.

  17. It’s definitely not Catwoman. She’s in Gotham City Sirens along with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

    My money’s on Stephanie being the new Batgirl.

  18. Not a big Batman follower, but I am catching some stories in TPB. My question is why change it? Why change Batgirl at all? It makes no sense to me. Not Misfit. No freckles. Barbara is still in a wheelchair and will be there til she dies. Just keep her there. Spoiler will be spoiler and needs to just die again or retire. Catwoman would commit suicide first before being that. Just let things be and explore the characters deeper.

  19. ^^^Agree with almost everything you said.

    But again, people, the lack of freckles doesn’t mean it ain’t Misfit! Wouldn’t that give it away?
    I seriously doubt it IS Misfit, even though I want it to be if it’s not Cass, because DC doesn’t do anything right when it comes to Bat-ladies.

  20. My pull-a-guess-out-of-my-ass guess is it’s any one of the young girls running around the Batman mythos these day…when Barbara walks again it will be in her old costume as Batwoman…after volume II of Battle of the Cowl.

  21. It’s Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe aka Misfit. The stitching on the mask was the clue. freckles can be covered by mask or makeup. She was trying to join the Titans and that was not resolved. She is Babs ward so therefore she will be given the cowl of Batgirl, by Barbara. I bet Cassandra becomes Nightwing! Then you could have Nightwing/Flamebird all female team!

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