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Seems like forever since the last Ultimatum issue, and we still have to wait until the end of May to see what happens.

ULTIMATUM #4 (of 5) (JAN092453)
Written by JEPH LOEB
Pencils & Cover by DAVID FINCH
Variant Cover by ED MCGUINNESS
Sketch Variant Cover by ED MCGUINNESS
RIP Variant Cover by PHIL JIMENEZ

Yes, $3.99.
Am I the only person reading this series still?

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  1. morpheus11 on

    No you aren’t the only person still reading this series. I am still reading it and enjoying it. Am I the only one that is excited for the new Ultimate Universe? =)

  2. Isn’t Ultimate Spiderman the glue that holds the Ultimate universe together? I was under the impresion that people who read Ultimate titles did so after falling in love with Ultimate Spiderman.

  3. “There is no way Bendis would let this happen outside of his control.”

    I seriously hope you’re right.

    I would only trust him to do this task, if it’s really, REALLY, necessary to it anyway.

  4. Feh.

    The Ultimate Universe is, and has always been, extraneous. It’s “Spider-Man done right.” And now that the regular Spider-Man is back to where he’s single and losery again, maybe this publicity stunt is what it needs.

  5. “If this comes to pass I will repeatably kick Jeff Loeb in the balls.”

    I second that.
    Seriously though, how is it that Marvel gets Bendis to write:
    133 issues of Spider-Man
    Other ultimate titles
    New Avengers
    Mighty Avengers
    House of M/Secret Invasion
    and basically 60 percent of their top selling titles, and then get Jeph Loeb (who completely cornholed the Ultimates) to write the world-shaking Ultimate Event?
    Tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way.
    Because seriously, if anything, that New USM title better be fantastic despite this David LaFuente guy (whom I think gets his butt handed to him art-wise in comparison to Bagley and Immonen), or Marvel will have to make a choice.

    A) Potentially lose long time readers of the U-Universe, or…
    B) Drop LaFuente like a bad habit.

    I’ve read the entire USM series and have the 3rd Annual, #129-133, and will be getting the Requiem issues (which basically makes up Spider-Man Ultimatum).

    After that, I think I’m done with the Ultmate titles.
    Unless of course, the New Ultimates/Ultimate Avengers are any good.

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