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  1. I knew it would only be a matter of time before every corps had their very own scantily clad slut, er, sorry, independent and empowered female in control of her own sexuality.

  2. ~wyntermute~ on

    “I knew it would only be a matter of time before every corps had their very own scantily clad slut, er, sorry, independent and empowered female in control of her own sexuality.”

    *facepalm* Okay…. Like…. There’s a dead horse somewhere that needs beating worse than this one, maybe? Possibly? Hopefully?

  3. I’m kinda looking forward to seeing the Star Sapphires & the Indigo Lanterns.

    I wonder if Indigo will offset Orange, like Blue does to Red & Yellow?

  4. ~wyntermute~ on

    I was trying to figure out “sides” in this thing, and the best I can do is Red/Orange/Black/Yellow (WITHOUT Sinestro) vs Green/Blue/Indigo/Sapphires (Assist from Sinestro). That’s too simplistic, so I figure there will be smaller-scale “wars” as well… Red vs. Blue, Orange vs. Star Sapphires, Black Hand’s vendetta vs. Hal (and by extension, the whole GL Corps), etc. Pick a color, any color, and hang on for the ride~! Gooooooo Blue~!!!

  5. I wanna say “they look so cute!!!” but then Brother Warth looks like he would come and slam my head repeatedly.

  6. I wonder if Mother Mercy will be recruited into the Blue Lantern Corps…It would only be logical, since Black Mercies are supposed to inspire hope.

  7. Do you really get points for creativity for just dressing up a Hindu god in blue and giving him a ring? Well rainbow lanterns doesn’t really sound that creative either… And there is all those norse gods and…sigh at least marvel had the dignity to call the norse gods by their name instead of feigning creativity on this one…geez

  8. mythologies are always referenced and always will be referenced. He may be a shortcut for establishing a image for the Blue Lanterns; which could be either okay or horrible. It depends on what is done with him. If he can stand on his own two feet as a character, awesome. If he’s just a stereotypical cardboard cut-out. Yeah, that is cheap. But that’s also assuming he gets any spotlight. I haven’t been reading Green Lantern; so I have no idea what the deal with these extra characters are.

  9. Er, Wynter? The Black Lanterns are the dead brought to life, and – as in classical Brothers Grimm stories – to death, ALL are equal. The first-ever preview for Blackest Night, at the tail of Sinestro Corps, promised a team-up ‘between willpower and fear’; logically, there will be certain alliances and certain oppositions in the combat against the Black Lantern threat.

    Additionally, you have elements like the Indigo Tribe, whose purpose seems to be to heal anyone, regardless of their sides on the battle, and the Orange Lantern who won’t get involved unless it threatens the source of his power.

  10. ~wyntermute~ on

    Salieri: I know I sound crazy…. But… I’m sticking with my initial “read” on things… Of course, I’m often wrong, but who cares about that? :D

    Basically, I’m operating upon the premise that they think we’re too dumb to follow a complex, creative, and multi-faceted conflict. What we’re gonna get is some trope (“save the cheerleader, save the world!”) or another, and a big Battle Royale w/ cheese because “they’re only comic book readers”. I say this even as a big Geoff Johns fan. Almost everything I’ve been excited about from DC lately has pooped in my Rice Krispies (Countdown, Final Crisis, R.I.P., BatCowl), and the stuff I have been enjoying the most is what I never thought I would (Secret Six, Planet Krypton, JLA/JSA). I figure I’m excited about this, so straight down the crapper it will probably go. Seems to me that I’ve got bad luck when it comes to picking things. :D

  11. Hey i’m just saying Brother Warth is as heinous to indian culture as Dhalsim was lol yoga flame yoga fire yogaa teleport…sigh

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