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  1. Bottom line is: Someone’s gotta die. I couldn’t kill Jazz again, so this time it’s Arcee. Don’t complain or it’ll be Megan Fox next. Boom!

  2. I agree that she doesn’t matter, but why introduce a “known character” just to kill them off. The whole purpose of Arcee in the cartoon was to be the politically correct chick addition. Her character was very plastic and was there just because she was a female. If you could actually tell races, then you would have someone black, white, indian, hispanic non-european, and far east asian just to include most everyone. These additions do not actually make the story any better, but just tries to be inclusive which doesn’t always work in the grand scheme of things.

  3. I love when fans of a story take ownership of it. I do it all the time. Yet characters, like any other element in a story, are there to move it along. How they do it depends on the direction (hey!) the storyteller wants it to go, although sometimes I find myself saying ‘why the %$# did they do that?!’ If you accept that, then you might say there are no ‘token’ characters. I am concerned that they have made Arcee overly sexy though. Such exploitation!

  4. “He is the one that said Megatron was not in this movie either.”

    Frankly, I’m alright with directors ‘misdirecting’ the public to keep parts of the movie a surprise even if, you know, the promo materials — like toys and such — leak out and spoil it.

    Seriously, if they told you just exactly what to expect and what characters were going to appear and what those characters were going to do and say, what would be the point of going to the movie at all? Why would they just not post the entire script on a blog somewhere and say, “Hey, here’s what happens” … ?

    ‘Megatron’s not in it.’ was likely meant to start you on the train of thought of ‘Well, of course not. He died at the end of the last one, duh.’ And then, when you got to the theatre and saw that, hey, Megatron’s not really as dead as we thought he was, it was supposed to add to the story. It was supposed to be a cool twist. Something unexpected.

    Of course, in the age of the internet, it’s a lot harder to pull off surprises.

    But, c’mon. Let’s not get pissed when people who want to tell us a cool story get caught in their misdirection because we are too rabidly fanboyish to wait and see the movie and not scour the intardwebz for every minute detail and plot point before we walk into the theatre.

  5. ~wyntermute~ on

    “But, c’mon. Let’s not get pissed when people who want to tell us a cool story get caught in their misdirection because we are too rabidly fanboyish to wait and see the movie and not scour the intardwebz for every minute detail and plot point before we walk into the theatre.”

    If I am understanding your point correctly (and I b’lieve I iz), I TOTALLY agree with it, and stand upon a soapbox to shout it loudly to the masses. You’ve successfully expanded upon the idea of “If you don’t want to hear the answer, don’t ask the friggin question”, updated for the internet era. If you want to know what happens, there are spoilers out there — just be aware that you might not like what you find out. The difference between now and 20 years ago is that THEN, we actually had to see the movie FIRST before we could tell people how much we hated things in it. Eek. As a consequence of re-reading that last sentence I now feel like I am 60. You noisy kids better get the eff off my lawn, or I’m callin the cops~!

  6. “Am I the only one that still hates the new character models in these movies? Arcee looks like a collection of razor blades and silverware. At Mary Kay’s house.”

    My complaint isn’t the jagged edges so much as it is how much of her you can see through. There’s a whole lot of white space where there should be cables and … solidity.

  7. I don’t know… all of the designs look to visually noisy to me. You can’t really appreciate them when your brain is stuck going “OMG! WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO BE LOOKING!!!! BLARGGG!” *explodes*

  8. I always had a problem with the idea that Transformers actually had gender. I mean, they’re robots. They reproduce by building more robots and activating them. Up until Transformers: The Movie, I never thought of them as being male (even if they were all voiced by men) — “he” was just more personal than “it,” like referring to R2D2 as “him.” Suddenly they introduce Arcee as definitely female, which implies that the rest of them are male, and brings up a whole bunch of questions as to why they’re male and female, and why we see so many males and only one female, etc.

    And yes, this stuff bugged me when I was 10.

  9. Actually rumors of her getting killed quickly have been around for a while. I read on a board that they ads for a bike stunt driver was only for a few days of filming so it’s not that big a surprise.

  10. I Like how the reporter almost said that Arcee was the only terminator, and then quickly corrected his mistake and said transformer…

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