Tom Welling has signed up for the 9th season of The CW’s Smallville series, causing many fans to cry, ‘WHY!?” and others to proclaim, “Tom Welling is my love god!”  Granted, I don’t know who those people are who are screaming about the love god part (Matthew), but considering the show is going for season 9, there has to be a large enough fan base of Tom Welling lovers out there (Matthew).  While it’s great to see an ongoing superhero series on television, I can’t help but feel sad we won’t be seeing Lana back as a regular.

For the rest of us (not Matthew), check out  two pics of Serinda Swan who plays Zatanna in an upcoming episode.  Oh, and be on the lookout for the Legion to return in the May finale, Matthew.



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  1. I should start watching this again. friend lent me season 1, didn’t like it because of Dawon’s Creek crap.

  2. I agree Kirby, I can’t stand bleached-white-bread TV. I’d love it if Smallville was edgier- infuse it with braincells from “The Dark Knight”.

  3. brainypirate on

    I think Tom Welling plays Clark more like Bruce Wayne — but I assume that won’t be Dark Knight-y enough for you?

    Strange show — the supporting cast is MUCH more interesting than the main character — Chloe, Jimmy and Lois are all wonderfully written and played. Not sure why Clark is so broody….

  4. brainypirate on

    Oops – forgot to include Oliver on that list — I am loving the Green Arrow on this show! I almost wish he and Lois had been able to work it out….

  5. ive watched this show since the first episode and I love it. I am glad they are coming back for a season 9. im glad lana isnt coming back. She’s way to whiny and bitchy for my taste. I want lex back though.

    btw, can we talk talk about how freakin hot Zatanna is in these pictures?!

  6. This show totally deserves to come back. This is the first ‘real’ season of the show, and it rocks. The new producers crammed in enough Superman and DC mythos into this season, at it’s better for it.

    No more freak of the week, it’s bad guys we all know and love. The show is finally the way it should have been 4 years ago. Hopefully they’ll keep up the good work.

    Oh, and Long Live the Legion!

  7. I do enjoy the show and I’m glad it got picked up for another season, I just wish that there could be a less melodramatic episode once in a while. I get it that in the DCU, the world is always on the brink of disaster, but I kinda miss the fun episodes when everything wasn’t solely brooding and pining. I swear it’s as if the sun never shines in Metropolis, I mean I’d understand if it was Gotham but it just always seems so dark all the time. Can’t we just have an episode where everyone teams up and beats the crap out of someone without all the whining. I really do like the show, just get frustrated some times. I know this site’s “love” of Tom Welling, but I’ll be damned if he isn’t far superior to Brandon Routh! That dude is completely without personality.

  8. This was great news. Now if we can get Welling back into a gym and the wardrobe department to lose all his shirts the show will be better!

  9. oh, & i can’t wait for season nine.
    eight seems to go up and down..
    from GREAT, to good.. to better, & back to great again.
    the next episode “stiletto” is more towards the down slope but since there are only 4 episodes left, that has to mean the finale should be another nice cliff hanger.

  10. I love Smallville. I have watched it from the beginning (on and off) and have been recaptivated by it in Season 8. I can’t wait for Season 9 and the possibility of Clark and Lois finally getting together. The finale for Season 8 was awesome- all accept Jimmy being killed. This is an awesome show- of course made better by seeing Tom Welling every week.

  11. I was a little disappointed at the end of season 7 and felt a little unsure about season 8, but I absolutley loved it! Doomsday really brought the season to life, and gave the characters more depth than they’ve ever had… And I’m just so glad they got rid of that annoying bitch Lana Lang, and made way for the even sexier love interest Lois Lane! I am a little worried that it won’t be as good any more. I believe the series finale of season 9 was probably one of the best, and the viewers will want something to top it all off but will certainly be let down!!!

  12. Awsome show, one problem. not enough erotic scenes(lana out of the pool type).
    all we see now is green arrow’s dumb ass pecs. get chloe to do a SEXY scene and you will double your fan base, remember two things.
    1. superman isn’t gay how about some *itches.
    2. sex sells people, they have the hottest group of people i have ever seen in a show, show em off.

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