The unrestored copy of Action Comics #1 has reached a bid height of $275,000.  There are still eleven days left in the auction for the comic book that ushered in the superhero genre. While 80% of the 100 Action Comics that still remain have been restored, so it is the CGC 6.0 copy that has some speculating the bid could reach as high as a million dollars before it is all over.

What say you Major Spoilers Legion?  If money were no object, how much would you be willing to pay for an unrestored 6.0 copy of the first appearance of the Man of Steel?  And, if you discovered this rare gem under your grandmother’s unmentionables when you were going through her things for an estate sale, would you keep it, or sell it?


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  1. Lifeisaglitch on

    I would sell it and buy a very special issue of Detective Comics…Nah i would sell it and use the money for some more reasonable stuff.

    Also this question makes no sense: “If money were no object, how much would you be willing to pay for an unrestored 6.0 copy of the first appearance of the Man of Steel?”
    Well if money had no value to me any amount no matter how high would be an option…right?

    Gotta say though i would love to read this and the 1st appearance of Batman. Hasnt there ever been reprints of some sort or can i maybe find it digitally as a part of some sort og preservational agreement or somesuch?

  2. >>hasnt there ever been reprints of some sort
    DC Archives reprints the golden age. Though you don’t get an exact replica of the issue (ads, other stories not featuring the main character). For example, the archive of Batman prints 4 issues, but the archive of Detective prints several issues, because Detective contained non Batman stories also.

  3. If money were no object, I’d drop 1 Mil for that sucker. ‘Nuff said.

    If I came across this baby at a yard sale or something, I would never sell it, even for some ridiculous price. I’d frame it, and build a little shrine around it in my “Man- Cave.” To me, it’s all about the collecting.

  4. Lifesaglitch: No, the money is not object is a question that does make sense. If money were no object, would I be willing to pay a million dollars? Probably not. I think that is too much for a comic, even for someone of my great amount of imaginary wealth. Would I pay $275,000? Perhaps. By saying money is no object it gets readers out of the mindset of “gee, I’ll never have a zillionbabillion dollars, so anything over $4.00 is too rich for me” and begin to think of what the actual worth of the comic in their mind actually is.

  5. What is so wrong with restoring a comic? It’s not like you’re bringing something that isn’t original to it. You’re just fixing whatever is already there.

    Oh, and if I found an issue in my dead grandmother’s closet, I would SELL SELL SELL!! If I had one of those, my house would probably get robbed anyway.

  6. Lifeisaglitch on


    It makes no sense at all, its illogical and it doesn’t compute either ;)…..You wouldn’t pay 275,000 now but you would if you were a millionaire. You wouldn’t pay a million if you were a millionaire but you would if you were a billionaire. Its the value of the comic vs value of money, and the more money you have the less value it has… so telling us money doesn’t matter is like saying…would you like Action Comics one for free? Yes, yes i would.

    Try answering it yourself…Not a million you say, well but money isn’t an object so why not?
    :D dude I’m serious if you want an answer you need too ask for something crazy like a percentage of people accumulated wealth after the expenditures of necessities divided by bla bla bla or somesuch. :)

  7. Lifeisaglitch on

    Not unless you know something i dont O_o If i had a Quadrillian i would gladly give a billion for Action Comics 1.

  8. 10 cents is what it says on the cover and 10 cents is what i will pay…so who do i send the money to again?

  9. If i had the money to buy Action #1, I wouldnt, i would buy all the major 1st additions of marvel books I.E X-men. FF, Spiderman, Amazing Fantasy 15, all in high grade, so i would have a great collection insted of just one book !

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